Need Labour To Work In Retaining Wall Work
I need atleast 4 person for doing labour work at my home for retaining wall work. The basic work is to dig out soil and make base for retaining wall, assist mason in his work
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Materials Testing (masonry)
I am creating a “Masonry” training course. The course will be a preparation program for technician certification. To receive the certification an individual must demonstrate proficiency in multiple ASTM Testing procedures. Though I can cover some of the required information, there are various calculations in each standard where I would need examples. Though the calculations are fairly straightforward, I do not know a “reasonable” result. Therefore, I would like the masonry expert to create industry relevant examples. These examples should…
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Professional Masonry (welcome To A Full Nights Sleep)
To start with my personal story of going from nothing to the owner of a 4th Generation Masonry company that covers 6+ states and has over 200 people working. Then into the Systems and Procedures of business that I developed with my team that has made us more successful. All businesses are 50% $ and tracking 50% goods and services. Even tho our business sells the service of commercial masonry, our systems and procedures we have put into practice can…
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[opencart] Problemas With Masonry Product List
We have a customized Masonry product list in an Opencart store. The problem we have, when images are loaded, many times create big spaces betwen rows and imperfect grid. Chat me and i will send you link to check
Full Description of [Opencart] problemas with Masonry product list
Brick Patio Installation
I have approximately 800 sq ft of split red brick pavers to lay to match the existing pattern. The previous contractor could not complete the job. All materials are on-site and ready for immediate start. Job is in Fremont neat Mowry/880
Full Description of Brick Patio Installation
Rendering Of An External Wall
The job is to render on top an existing render of an external wall of size 605x80cm and thickness of 20cm. You might need a ladder as it is located roughly 2.5-3 meters above the ground level. Please quote for the labor charges only.
Full Description of Rendering of an external wall
Foundation Membrane Repair
need to cut and fix foundation membrane (which as come loose) on one side of a residential house (about 40 feet), say 6 inches below ground and then parging. Please respond with quote and please ignore the max and min budget in this post.
Full Description of foundation membrane repair
Looking For A Civil Engineer To Construct Few Things In The Apartment
We are a small community in chennai, looking to build few in house stuffs such as Tank, sitting bench,, play area..etc.. Need people to come and provide a quote to proceed further on it.
Full Description of Looking for a Civil Engineer to construct few…
Bootstrap Sidebar Codefix + Isotope Filter
Hi, I would like to implement an isotope.js filter to a static webpage. The filter should be linked to a sidemenu that needs to be fixed using Bootstrap syntax. I'm attaching a screenshot so you can have an idea of what's going on. Fabio
Full Description of Bootstrap sidebar codefix + isotope filter
Ryan Lusk Ripon Cmu Fence
Taking down wooden fence replacing with cmu units . 7 feet tall 143 feet long . 22 inches depth on footing 16 inches wide . 2600psi concrete number 4 rebar in footing and rebar first and every third course horizontal , verticals every 36 inches tied to horizontals
Full Description of Ryan Lusk ripon Cmu fence
Plasma Illujin Technologies
I want to buy furniture made of red clay or something of the same composite material.
Full Description of Plasma Illujin Technologies
Build Me A Seat Made Of Red Clay
I want to buy furniture made of red clay that a person can be seated on. Must fit dimensions of a person of a height 6 ft weighing at least 120kg. Must have enough mobility to be moved at least 1m. Must be made of material contents rich in iron as it is critical for our business clients. I've got a timeframe to made by at least July 2022. Please get in contact with me with ideas on how this…
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