Water Treatment

Civil Engineering Water Treatment Project
We are looking for a design of compact water treatment unit. That utlizez both flocculation and sedimentation, with a volume of 2,000 L. If possible for it to also include coagulation in the same tank and the filtration to be outside.  duration of the project is 2 months please contact for more information. thanks
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Photovoltaic System (pv) System Design. Calculations For Pv Water Pumping System
You MUST have PV Design experience and Water Treat Process Expert. Design a PV Water pumping system, which is required to draw 25,000L of water everyday from a depth of 40m.
Full Description of Photovoltaic System (PV) System Design. Calculations for PV…
Computer Aided Stability Analysis Of Gravity Dams Using Cadam 3d
CADAM is based on the gravity method using rigid body equilibrium and beam theory to perform stress analyses, compute crack lengths, and safety factors. Seismic analyses could be done using either the pseudostatic or a simplified response spectrum method. CADAM is primarily designed to provide support for learning the principles of structural stability evaluation of gravity dams. It could also be used for research and development on stability of gravity dams. In adopting several different world-wide published dam safety guidelines,…
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Maztec Scada -- 2
We are a water treatment compny completing a project in ST Marys NSW. I need to have a SCADA program written in WINCC V15.1 rewrtten from a runtime file. [Removed by Freelancer.com]
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Groundwater Modeling System
The modflow project needs to be completed in the Groundwater Modeling System software. I will attach parts 1 and 2 so that you can see what was previously done. Part 1 is completely correct. Part 2 is missing additional lines in the graphs. Each graph needs to have 5 lines.
Full Description of Groundwater Modeling System
Comparison (mathematically Using Matlab) Between Three Different Desalination Technologies & Solar Power (csp)
Comparison (Mathematically using MATLAB) between three different desalination technologies & Solar Power (CSP) (Solar CSP+RO - Solar CSP+MSF - Solar CSP+MED) * Mathematical model section (MATLAB) Full Analysis *Results *comments *case studies comparison *conclusion *recommendations
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I Need Engineer
Water and waste line Sewer damaged. Need an license engineer to remove current violation.
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Kugpbikl Oupo;l
Trekking and Himalayan Frozen Adventure Pvt. Ltd. provides quality services to trekkers, who have been working for over 200 years and are getting good responses from customers. They are the best travel agents in Nepal. https://www.himalayanfrozen.com/ghorepani-poon-hill-trekking
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Root Quencher Product Development
In Deep Irrigation has developed a home garden deep watering device and we have some needs in the areas of water flow, evaporation and some issues w vacuum lock occurring in some protypes
Full Description of Root Quencher product development
Need Some Help And Tutoring For Water Treatment Formulas And Math
If you have experience in the water treatment industry Math formulas and understanding Please see picture attached before contacting me so you know what I need help with If that’s you Please get back to me asp thanks
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Marine Plumbing Drawings
Need configuration, sizing and drawings of Marine Pumping and Plumbing for a new accommodation barge.
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Arun Update To Storm Water Control Plan
$100. (ignore mandatory range estimate in freelancer) 1 Update impervious pervious sf and consequent percentages, and consequent calculations 2 Fix contents index page number references – pages have been removed 3 Remember that there are two separate source documents. 4445. 4647 4 Clearly label catchment areas in large font size -You can use updated C3 no need to recreate it 5 include C3 sheet in word/pdf doc 6 Re calculate/calculate proportionality, volume etc of volume to a bio retention, b…
Full Description of ARUN update to Storm Water control plan
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