Wireless Charging

Build A Interactive Phone Charger Prototype
I would like to build a wireless phone charger that lights up in a specific color when the phone is charging. The colors are guided by a numerical value between 0 - 100 sent to the charger. A specific range will be given, say 50 - 70 where 50 is dark red, and 70 is bright green. The range in between is shifting from red to yellow to green. The value will be provided via an API. The charger should…
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I would like to open a webshop and want to sale electronics via my webshop in Sweden. Only will be selling products for sweden and connect Klarna. It will be an standard website, where I will be selling my products.
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Wireless Powered Communication Network
To implement uav navigation in a 3d plane through hovering points( ground nodes/sensors) for wireless charging and data transfer to and from the uav to the ground nodes using matlab. We could discuss if interested about the project
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Need 1000mm X 1000mm Wireless Charger
Hi I’m looking for electrical and electronics engineer To build wireless charger pad for size of 1000x1000 mm
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Design Of Wireless Charging System With Antennas
I need to design a wireless battery charging like one of those show in attached pictures. In 1-2 pictures you see planar antenna for wireless power transmission and cylindrical antenna in the receiver section: this is the first possible solution. Second solution (3-4 picture) is to have both cylindrical antennas to have this charging system, anyway the antenna in RX section has to be cyclindrical for mechanical reasons. The RX antenna has maximum lenght of 40mm and inner diameter of…
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Custom Esp32 Board
We are seeking an experienced PCB design engineer to develop a custom PCB for an ESP32 micro-controller with WiFi capabilities, battery management, wireless charging management, USB connectivity, and a flexible flat cable (FFC) connector. The project also requires the design of a flexible flat cable with a small sensor on one end and the connector on the other end. The final deliverable should include all the necessary design files and documentation to send to a PCB manufacturer for fabrication and…
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Developing A Sensor To Track Human Body Movement -- 2
I'm looking for a brilliant, experienced freelancer to develop a sensor to monitor certain body movements. The main purpose of this sensor is medical monitoring. Therefore, accuracy and reliability are essential. The preferred method of data collection I am looking for is wireless. Moreover, the primary body movements that the sensor should be able to track are rotational range of motion for the hand, knee and spine. If you have the skills needed to undertake this task, please get in…
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