Lidar Or Photogrammetry Drone Survey
I need to survey a large area of land, specifically a canal stretch, with a lidar drone so that I can record its exact geometry. The job is located near Yakima, WA.
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1 Hour Photography Of My Marriage Proposal
I need someone in the Brisbane area to take photos of myself proposing to my partner as a location near Brisbane City. This will take place on 3/12/2022 (this weekend). Thanks
Full Description of 1 hour photography of my marriage proposal
Short Video Edit With Vfx
I need to apply and Use various VFX techniques such as a greenscreen, tracking, match moving, photogrammetry, colour grading, etc., to create a professional news program. Create a VFX-rich news program. Your news program should have the following: 1. An animated intro/welcome. 2. An anchor at a desk who leads the show, etc. 3. A correspondent In the field, whom the anchor introduces and cuts to as appropriate. 4. In-set video clips for short news items. 5. An appropriate "cut…
Full Description of Short Video Edit with VFX
I am looking for one photographer for one day (for 2 to 4 hrs) photography job, for Family gathering event in Chennai (Exact location in Mahabalipuram, Near Mayajjal Theater). Please reach out me for complete details.
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Create An Interactive Vr System With Vr Headsets Of Royal Pavilion
This project is a VR aimed project whereby a virtual system is created and will be made for VR headsets, controllers and potentially a treadmill too. Use photogrammetry for the 3D modelling and create an interactive virtual reality system that can be viewed and works on VR headsets. It should be a VR system coded on a game engine and work appropriately with controllers. The main scope of this system is you as the person who puts the headset on…
Full Description of Create an interactive VR system with VR headsets…
Make A Virtual Walking Tour App
I want to make an app which will operate as a virtual walking tour for the city of Piraeus, Greece. It is my master thesis for the Digital Culture, Smart Cities and IoT master program of University of Piraeus. This app will have a predefined map of the city of Piraeus only and more specifically the port area with a route in which there will be some points like pins or dots. These points are the most known statues of…
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Photographer & Social Media Manager In Dubai
Hello I need a part time photographer and social media manager for my business in Dubai. The job requires daily visits to us for 4 hours per day, 6 days per week, taking photos and videos, saving them to local drive, editing them for Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and LinkedIn. The job requires also uploading and posting videos and photos in social media channels. The job requires also preparing weekly marketing posts for best videos and photos after Photoshop or illustrator…
Product Photography (basic)
We require someone to help us take basic photos of some of our product lines of technical components for passenger vehicle brake systems (sample attached) at our premises in Silverwater (Sydney) / Australia. The process is relatively manual and involves taking the packaged product off a pallet, removing it from its individual box, placing it on a photo bench (together with a number tag for identification), taking two photos from different angles with a tripod-mounted camera, placing the product back…
Full Description of Product photography (basic)
Take My Pictures And Create A Stl (others) Using Photogrammetry
I need to have you take my pics and create a stl file that is adjusted to scale using dimensions I provide. I’ll provide a few measurements to allow you to scale it to match the original. I have a IPhone 12 Max Pro to use to take the pics. Also I have a Foldio automated turntable to use if that helps. I’d like to take 2 sets of pics where one is the upper and one is the flipped…
Full Description of Take my pictures and create a STL (others)…
Mirna Farag Photograghy
hi everyone! My name is Mirna, i'm freelance photographer with many years of experience in product and food photography. i have completed more than a thousand photoshoots for different products . whether you looking for images to refresh your instagram or website , or improve photos of your amazon listing feel free to contact me any time and i will do my best to deliver you the best possible results .
Full Description of Mirna Farag Photograghy
Create A Ios App Interacting With Object Capture Api ( Mac Ventura ), Developers With Good Swift Knowledge Only Apply, Other Please Don't Apply
the task is similar to functioning of photogrammetry process, it is with help of multiple images being shoot feeding into object capture api turning to 3d model , it is same app like polycam, 3d scanner
Full Description of Create A iOS App interacting with Object Capture…
Real Estate Photography - Panama City, Panama
I need some photos taken inside and outside of an apartment building so I can use them to advertise the property. I would like them to look as professional as possible. Someone with Architectural Photography experience would be ideal but not necessary if you have a good eye and can produce good-quality results.
Full Description of Real Estate Photography - Panama City, Panama
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