Computer Repair

I need you to take care of my social media like Facebook, YouTube and so on
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It Support For Small Business
I need IT Support mainly outlook, antivirus, software issues for small business of 10-12 users. Initially you may need to spend some time fixing all the PCs but after that it will only be on call basis if and when needed.
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Laptop Repair
Computer engineer needed only bid you if have a degree/knowledge, should be available on call, Need some on call help with my laptop, it is facing issues. only bid if you are capable of doing it, I got a ransomware in it.
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Delete The Image-urls From Internet
Hello everyone I need your help urgent, could someone delete the Image from Internet as soon as possible? Many thanks in Advance! Best Regards Emily
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Us - Electronic Repair Technician
Miko is a Mumbai based advanced consumer robotics innovation lab passionate about bringing the best of technology to young learners & home to some of the world's leading engineers, mathematicians, teachers & psychologists. We have offices in multiple locations across the world and are looking for Electronics Technicians for repairs and servicing work of our products for the US region on a freelancer / contract basis. Major Responsibilities: This position will be responsible for basic testing, troubleshooting as well as…
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Computer Diagnostic & Repair
I have a dell laptop running windows 10 that won't load passed the startup screen with the dell logo. I've ran some tests using the options with f12 and f2. The diagnostic test sometimes says there were problems found but doesn't say what problems specifically, and other times it says there are no issues with the hardware found. I'm looking for someone who is qualified that can do a video chat (Zoom or Google Meet only) with me and walk…
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Computer Technician
Need a free lancer to work technical job in Greensboro NC. Part replacement and Reimaging Laptops
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Web Development Or It Computer Issue - Javascript Heap Out Of Memory Error
I have a problem with a web project. I build websites using Tailwindcss in VS Code, using nodejs/npm. I'm no longer able to build using 'npm run build' due to error 'FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory'. This issue started after a windows update, so im not sure if the issue is related to device or i need a web guru. Thanks
Full Description of Web development or IT computer Issue - JavaScript…
Webpage Issue
hello , i want someone who is expert in operating system, computer and solving issues when it comes to computers. i have a problem that needs to be fixed . sometime when i enter webpages, they appear in gebbrish langauge and it is not an actual language. i included a pic . please help
Full Description of Webpage issue
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