Physical Fitness Training

Fitness Trainer
If you want to a good fitness body shape.. u can contact with me...
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Build A Workout A Plan
Hello i need someone who is specialized in fitness and personal training to design a workout plan for that is built on basis like weight hight body fat percentage etc and includes machine names, sets, reps, weights etc Please only certified trainers Price around 10$-15$
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Freelance Online Fitness Coach
We are looking for fitness coaches/trainers who can give lessons about their chosen field through streaming in our developing app soon. You can have extra income while streaming by just using your extra time. We have this feature in the app wherein you can create your own class and modify it.
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Crear App Fitness
Hola bueno, mi nombre es maruan y soy entrenador personal, llevo 10 años entrenando y enseñando para mantener un estilo de vida saludable, estoy comenzando un nuevo proyecto y quiero crear una aplicación móvil para ios y android, la cual quiero incluir esto: -Una sección para compras de diferentes asesoramiento deportivo y nutricional, con un formulario previo a la pasarela de pago -Videos de ejercicios para cada músculo - '' 'Crear su propia rutina de ejercicios. y repeticiones del ejercicio…
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Formador Para Grabar Un Curso Sobre Dieta Vegana Para Bajar De Peso
Eres experto/a en Veganismo y quieres generar ingresos recurrentes con tu conocimiento? ¿Te apasiona la formación online? Hola, somos una agencia de marketing digital y creamos productos digitales. Estamos buscando un formador/a para grabar un curso online sobre Dieta Vegana para Bajar de Peso. El proyecto consiste en coproducir juntos un curso online: - El formador se encargará de grabar el curso y atender las preguntas de los alumnos, si surgen, y nosotros realizaremos la edición y paquetización final. Crearemos…
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Health And Fitness Guidance
I need supporting for health and fitness, diet, nutrition, excercise and general health encouragement, advice, guidance and support.
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Weight Gain And Fitness Support
I need someone to help with weight gain and support, produce plans, discuss with the client to help them to increase their weight and fitness. Encourage them, motivate them and general guidance/support.
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Join Fitee And Get More Customers For You Business.
We are looking for personal trainers, gym managers and instructors to join us for FREE and we will help direct MORE of the RIGHT customers to your business. Fitee is a sports start up that aims to connect freelancers and studios to their customers. We create a simple and effective customer journey for both sides of the market. Freelancers setup a profile advertising their services on our website, we promote our freelancers and encourage our community to find their perfect…
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Qualified Personal Trainer Needed
I need a QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER to read over a 4 week workout program that I've created and edit it if necessary.
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Workouts Plans
Hi I'm looking for someone who will be able to make a full body workouts plans for male, to gain weights fast. At the gym and at home. With, how many sets, reps, and break. Picture of the exercises will be great to have.
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Virtual Fitness Trainers
A brand new website dedicated to fitness will be here before you know it! It's called DomumGym, and it is a virtual fitness website where people can watch videos to get in shape. I'm looking for a person who loves physical fitness and is looking to post their content onto the site. It's fast, super easy, and free! The site itself offers free videos. DomumGym has a subscription plan where you can select which videos are free, and which ones…
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Health, Fitness, Nutrition Researcher Needed
DO NOT READ THE TITLE AND SEND ME A CHAT UNLESS YOU HAVE REVIEWED ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I need a researcher who is able to do meaningful research on health-related topics. The topics would vary so I need someone who finds themself competent in this area of research. For example one assignment I may ask you to study the best food|nutrition for a basketball player. Another time I may ask to find studies show natural…
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