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Gutter Visualizer
hello I'm looking for someone who is willing helping me .... its plenty siding roofing visualizer software..but they all missing one important thing witch is gutters visualization some of them they have trim visualizer but its not what I'm looking for what I need my business is APPLE GUTTERS and I need app / desktop visualizer for my business so I can snap a customer house pictures and show them how different colors and shape as well will look like…
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Public Reporting Framework -- 2
I would like to create a report template to provide investor insights into the operating company and assets under management for a monthly summary and quarterly report to be publicly shared for the crypto-currency company project. It should work similar to traditional valuation materials, however, we want a simplified version. We can discuss fixed/hourly rate during our exploratory discussions. Regards,
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Business Valuation And Financail Plan
I would like to have a business valuation and financial plan for my business, I aim to have this accomplished in 2 weeks period. I have all the needed data and we can work on the project together. Let me know if you have previous experience in this. If so, we can discuss the details.
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Build 3 Statement (bs, Cfs, And Is) Excel Model Using 10k And 10q Data
Need someone to use company annual / quarterly reports to build a 3 statement financial model. Please apply if you have experience in this.
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Pre-revenue Start Up Valuation Using Vc And/or Scorecard Method
Looking for a valuation expert/analyst to share a sample or walkthrough a previous successful valuation for a pre-revenue start-up. Samples or consultants with Big-4/Top tier consulting firms highly preferred. Please describe availability of samples and previous experience in your bid.
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Company Valuation
Hello. I have a Company in Malta, Europe. I make sales of up to 500k euros annually. I am the exclusive rights holder for various global beverage brands for my marketplace. I would like a professional valuation of my company in order for me to investigate the feasibility of selling my company. You must speak fluent English, the job must be done on time and according to budget. Our communications must remain completely confidential and I do not want my…
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Building Valuation Bid Civil Engineer
I am having one document containing details about one building project valuation. If you you belong to civil area or any other area, please check the attachment. I shall sit with you over zoom call for valuation purpose so that it would be easy for us to get it completed. budget Rs. 4000.
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D3js-talented Developer
Hi everyone! Please include your Github and Resume or sample links to previous data viz work. Seeking a data visualization (d3.js) colleague. We’re working on a bootstrapped ML project (100% self-funded) to build an AI-based, ‘low code’ resume scanning tool that helps leverage data science, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide instant personalized scoring and feedback on resumes. Our goal is to help democratize NLP for students and give them a product that helps them land 10X job…
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Financial Modelling And Valuation Of Early-stage Startup
Hello, Looking for someone with experience in start-up industry to assist in preparing a financial model of a startup. Should have an experience with creating a cashflow projection model for an early stage business. The main intention for the cashflow projection model is to arrive at the valuation and apply for business loans, grants and funding. The final product is expected to be of high quality.
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Real Estate Dcf Valuation Model With 250 Page Executive Summary
XYZ Company needs space to grow in London. Their broker has identified a turn-key WeWork solution at 10 York Road in the Southbank. WeWork’s initial lease at the asset was signed in 2019 for a 10 year term Assume the asset at 10 York Road is a Grade A, CBD building, ~100,000 square feet Research relevant inputs here - rent, outgoings, tenant incentives, capital to build out etc. XYZ Company is interested in a 1 and 3 year membership agreement…
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Need Someone Help Me Verify An Adu Permit For A House
Want know if the ADU properly permitted - for an expert this should take less than 15 mins. All of the permits are available online :
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Financial Analysis And Valuation Of A Listed Company
Hey everyone I am looking for someone who can assist me in doing this mentioned task with any additional helpful analysis. Please note that I need the task to be done within 24 hours. in case if things went well, there will be strategic business cooperation. Further information will be provided after the selection. Thank you
Full Description of Financial analysis and Valuation of a listed company
Conduct Market Research
Show the sign up and user experience of 3 USA based rewards APPs (screenshot every step of the user sign up process, overall APP features, rewards partners, products / deals on offer and the earn and spending on points / cashback etc.) Also video your experience signing up and using each APP. Using an Android smartphone (ideally a Samsung Galaxy S9 and up) APPs to document:
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