Auto-install Script For Pmta Smtp, Email Marketing Application On My Linux Vps Or Dedicated Server
Hello there... I need a script that auto-installs PMTA and an email marketing software like mailwizz and also PMTA installation must support IP rotation. I have my own PMTA and Mailwizz files... In case you will be needing them or you can use yours? I'll be needing the script to run everything automatically. I do understand that there are some things that I will have to set manually like rDNS. - PowerMTA - rDns - Spf / Dkim - IP…
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Smtp Email Server Setup
I am looking for some one set up open source email server for us on Linux environment. I will pay only if they can show that email are delivered to at least one gmail account. Any open source email server is fine. But delivering emails to gmail, yahoo and hotmail is key. If you have really done it, please respond. I am ready to pay market rate.
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Technical Support For Email Marketing Systems
If you dont have this requirement dont send me messege: 1-vps(windows) (hmail server +roundcube) 2-linux rotating servers(power-mta) 3-Microsoft 365 email system 4-gsuite email system 5-mailwizz +roundcube 6-professional in English
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Powermta Installation And Configuration
What we have : Private server 256 IP 16 domains PowerMta4.5 PowerMta monitoring 16 virtual SMTP with a domain and 14 or 16 IP for each Mailwizz with 16 smtp server configurated Tracking and bounces DKIM, SPF, cloudMark and reverse DNS What we need : 1 ) Update to the last version of PowerMta We have PowerMTA 4.5r11 and we want the version PowerMTA 5.0r3 2 ) Installation PowerMTA Management Console 1.5r19 3 ) And the most important for us…
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Powermta Configuration -- 2
What we have : Private server 256 IP 16 domains PowerMta4.5 PowerMta monitoring 16 virtual SMTP with a domain and 14 or 16 IP for each Mailwizz with 16 smtp server configurated Tracking and bounces DKIM, SPF, cloudMark and reverse DNS What we need : 1 ) Installation PowerMTA Management Console 1.5r19 2 )Configuration of powerMta to adjust the sending rates by IP and by IPS. We will also be attentive to anything that can improve our deliverability.…
Full Description of POWERMTA configuration -- 2
Mail Wizz And Server Maintenence
Hi- We are going to be using mailwizz for email marketing purposes and I need someone who is familiar and experienced with how to manage it effectively to stay inside the inbox, not spam, move IPs and domains if necessary.
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Us Lawyers Email Database 1-2 Millions
I am looking for US lawyers email database 1-2 millions ready and highly verified list, I need Lawyers in the following categories : Personal Injury Medical malpractice Litigation Accident Insurance Defense / Claim Real Estate Lawyer Business Lawyer Patent Lawyers Fix the price on bid, no negotiation. Budget is limited, I will hire the lowest price. Please check, show me sample. Write "LAWYERS US" at first so I get to know you read it.
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Interspire Email Marketer 6.2.0 Nulled Script -- 2
Hello! I need Interspire email marketer 6.2.0 or later nulled script. Also can offer Mailwizz (mimimalized version). Mailwizz I need script install video and how to make work cron settings video. Only offer please people who can doit before or have all what I need.
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Email Deliverability - Going To Spam
Hello, I have those both email blacklisted I want to delisted them and also improve my delivery email to don't go to the spam. A big range of IP from OVH hosting are listed on Not only me but all OVH clients. How can I do ? Is it possible de use another IP ? Like a relay or something ? Thank you
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Impossible To Send Email With Mailwizz In Plesk
Bonjour, J'ai installĂ© Mailwizz sur mon Plesk avec un nom de domaine obtenu via Le problème c'est que lorsque j'ajoute mon smtp mailjet sur mailwizz j'ai deux type d'erreur : Le premier disait "cURL error 28: Resolving timed out after 2512 milliseconds (see" Et le second est une grande liste qui commence par : "Array ( [Mailjet\Responsestatus] => 401 [Mailjet\Responsesuccess] => [Mailjet\Responsebody] => [Mailjet\ResponserawResponse] => GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Response Object ( [reasonPhrase:GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Response:private] => Unauthorized [statusCode:GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Response:private] => 401 [headers:GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Response:private] => Array (…
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Resolve Issues With Amazon Ses Spam Delivery And Domain Txt Record Verification
READ ALL THE TASKS CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING. I am looking for an expert email developer to help resolve issues with Amazon SES spam delivery on 5 of our websites and also do domain TXT record verification for 1 domain. Our amazon smtp is going to spam folder when mails are sent and I don't know why. We need someone with professional experience to investigate the reason and fix the issue. Lastly I need someone to add a newly generated amazon…
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Mail Dispatcher Needed
I need a mail dispatcher who will be sending some documents around united state, I will giving he or her the provider address
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Mailwizz Technician Needed
I have a Mailwizz installation with PMTA installed across multiple servers and delivery/tracking domains and IP addresses. My previous technician has disappeared. I need a tech who is an expert at all aspects of managing this installation and maintaining all of the components to maximize delivery according to best practices. I value clear, timely communication and believe it is important to do what you say you will do.
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