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Aircraft Crashworthiness In India: A Legal And Technical Overview
Max 12-13 pages of work altogether. I have 2 more projects for this month. You will have 3 projects every 6 months for 2 years. So altogether 12 projects which of 12-13 pages each. Guide lines given below. Thanks
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English Law
Examine and analyse the key pieces of domestic legislation relating to: (i) state surveillance and security in cyberspace and (ii) the right to privacy, and data protection law.
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Contestar Unas Preguntas Sobre Jurídico Informático
Tengo una serie de preguntas que habría que contestar lo mejor posible a partir de un temario en pdf de la asignatura en cuestión, es sobre tema jurídico de las TICS, adjunto el word con las preguntas, al aceptar el proyecto mando el temario en pdf, no es muy extenso.
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We Need A Legal And Worldwide Valid Nda Form To Protect Our Startup
We work with all kinds of people and also send you top secret data. Our product should be protected against theft, copying, etc.
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Help Claim A Refund
I'm looking for a specialist you can work with me on my refund application with the disputes team. Despite them acknowledging that my contract with a company was broken due to overdue shipping, they are refusing to help me recover my refund from the company through he trade assurance, as I accepted my goods 2 months after they were supposed to arrive. If this sounds like something, you could help, then pleae get in touch.
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Need Corporate Lawer For Bank Account Frozen
Hello There , My Icici Bank account frozen by their team by yesterday as their internal audit was running . They suddenly declared that "Recharge business as illegal " and do not provide any service to those who have that kind of business . How can they declare any business as illegal ? Its took 4 year to reach to grow business We have 15+ employee paying 1.5 lakh as rent for the office . They made my business go…
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Abogado Que Escriba Los Términos Y Condiciones De Un Sitio Web
Busco persona que escriba los términos y condiciones de sitio web que compra y vende criptomonedas en Colombia. por privado le envió mas detalles sobre el sitio web y algunos puntos importantes que debería llevar el documento.
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Gdpr Compliance Review
I have a marketplace and I must comply with GDPR rules there are two options I have and I want to check which one follows GDPR rules: 1. once the vendor deleted his account from my marketplace I need to decide whether to delete all his data including previous orders records. 2. Anonymize vendor info to keep the orders history for the following reasons: a) A customer orders vendor products and then vendor is deleted from the system. The customer…
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I Need A Laywer
Can you assist me on the following case. I have bought two toolsets on alibaba.The seller name is abron builders pty ltd. The amount for the toolset was $400(USD).They told me that they will send it through `dhl courier.They did not used the shipper as they have mention it to me.They used a shipper called skyvoygue logistics they informed me every day to pay an amount then they will delivery but till today there was no delivery.I will attached a…
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Searching For An Expert On Uae Laws On Web Scraping And Data Protection
we are a prop tech startup interested in the UAE market we need legal advice on web scraping rules and regulations, as well as data protection
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