Signal Processing

Measure Sound Level Captured By Microphone
I have an 8bit Microcontroller and a microphone module with a goal to measure sound level as perceived by the human ear.
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Android Developer With Experience In Signal Processing
Experience developing, testing and launching at least 2 sensor data based mobile applications, 2 years practical experience using React Native, React, or Swift, Kotlin . In-depth knowledge of working with data driven workflow implementation and REST APIs, Experience in processing signals dynamically on arduino
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Detection Of Dc Series Arc Fault By Wt And Svm
Arc fault detection 1) First Step: Feature extraction by Wavelet Transform 2) Second Step: Classification by Support Vector Machine or Fuzzy Logic Method For more deeply details pm me
Full Description of Detection of Dc series arc fault By WT…
Signals And Communication Matlab Report
Guide: -Using Only MATLAB functions and built-in toolboxes are allowed. No libraries or code snippets from the Internet are allowed. - Write your code so it can be readable by others. Define your variables clearly (not abbreviated). Use comments as much as you want. - The figures that you are going to show must be well presented. They must have clear labels, titles, and legends. - Complete source code and any other files needed to run the models - Report…
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Signal Processing Python
I need someone familiar with fft, am dsb-lc, am dsb-cs, ssb, fm using python for one hour to do solve a simple task , example code will be provided .
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Build Me Digital Butterworth Band Pass Filter Python
I need to design a filter for my signal data, band pass filter and notch filter... I needed to be complete in very quick time.. Already working/experienced people can approach
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Deconvolution Of Rtd (residence Time Distribution ) Signals
My project is on Residence time distribution (RTD) studies. I have performed studies on RTD experiments in a device named centrifugal contactor separator to characterize the hydrodynamics. I am looking for someone who has expertise in MATLAB and signal processing. Problem statement: If the two signals (A and B) are convoluted together we get the convolution signal (C). From my RTD experiments, I have signals A and C, I am looking for someone who could help me in MATLAB to…
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Electronic Circuit Design & Signal Conditioning Of Smart Mask For Respiration Monitoring
under this project we have a sensor chip. Developer have to design circuit for collecting breathing data from that chip doing applification of signals and calculating flow rate per minute and sending it to cloud wifi bluetooth or wifi. mask should operate on battery so battry charging circuit should be involed
Full Description of Electronic circuit design & signal conditioning of smart…
Build A Code For Msp432p4 From Texas Instrument Controller For Real-time Application
I have application that use the MSP432P1111 controller to aqcuire Real-Time data acquisition at high speed > 200Ksps. and then send it Matlab for processing. the Microcontroller will recieve two signals one will be for trigger and it happens at 20ms interval and this will be used as Interrupt. the other one is the data signal which will be read by the ADC continuosly and then the data will be divided into packages of size that is determined by the…
Full Description of Build a code for MSP432P4 from Texas instrument…
Designing & Development Of Flow Sensor For Breathing Measurement
I want to develope a flow sensor with thermal time of flight technology thatwill work bidirectional & will be able to measure per minute respiration, forced vital capacity & forced expiration for 1st second. you have to use 3 nickel wires or pallets of 5mm length & diameter of not more than 1 mm (need to determine resistance) placed at 2mm distance apart in parallel inside a 2 cm dia and 4 cm lenth tube. later we will connect all…
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Simple Electrical Engineering Project
I need an electrical engineer who has a great knowledge about signals and communication especially from India to contact with me within 24 hours for a simple electrical engineering project. The details will be shared later on.
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Digital Signal Processing
I am looking for an experienced professional who has experience with Digital signal processing theoretical questions. I need help with some questions. Topics - Sampling and Reconstruction of a Bandlimited Signal, Changing sampling rate, Design of FIR filters using windows, Filter Design by Impulse Invariance, Bilinear Transformation, Butterworth Filters, The Discrete Fourier series, The Discrete Fourier transform, Circular Convolution, Computation of the Discrete Fourier transform, Continuous-Time Random Processes, Discrete-Time Random Processes, Digital Filter Structure, System Function H(z)
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Feature Extraction And Signal Component Separation
Please see the attached file for details. Below, you can see couple of samples of my signals. If your method works on these samples, I can send you more sample signals depending on the progress in work. Basically, given a sample signal, let’s say, y, our aim is to extract a pulse train with exact location of incidents. Let’s assume y(t) = H.x(t) + n where in H.x(t), the dot notation "." indicates that of multiplication, y is the given…
Full Description of Feature Extraction and Signal Component Separation
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