Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Mobile Wallet Similar To Chinese Cbdc (digital Crypto Currency)
- Wallet Should support iOS and Android platform for multiple screen resolution - It should support offline payment using bluetooth/NFC mechanism - Should have parent/child model to be accessed to same wallet account Preferably using Ethereum blockchain. Or suggest any other.
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Simple App For Android With Bluetooth Interaction
We require to build an Android app that interact with a device using bluetooth low energy, send commands to the device and receive info from the device. Further details will be discuss with professionals with proper skills to develop this project.
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Nordic Nrf52840 Firmware (ble Sensor)
Create the firmware for a low power BLE sensor device. There are two i2c sensors that need to be read, and share their readings via the BLE notify method. The hardware is ready to go, I have created basic poc software to read from one of the sensors, needs to be finalised and optimised for low power.
Full Description of Nordic NRF52840 Firmware (BLE Sensor)
Nrf9160 Programming
Creating a smart wearable tracker. We are looking to switch our current hardware from esp32 to the Nordic thingy 91. We need help setting up and programming Nordic thingy 91 to connect with our mobile app. It needs to have features for 1. Nb iot 2. Bluetooth 3. NFC 4. Led light 5. Step count 6. Gps
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Fix The Bluetooth Connection On My Flutter App
I have an app built on Flutter. One of this functionalities of this app is to connected with a device and exchange data over BLE. Everything works fine on iOS, but on Android, it will only connect, no data is sent or received. If you have experience working with BLE, apply for the project. I won’t talk to freelances who send ore made messages, take the time to read the job post and respond accordingly.
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Proof Of Concept: App Zur Ortung Von Kleingeräten Basierend Auf Ble
Wir, m.i.k. IT GmbH, sind auf der Suche nach einem Proof of Concept darüber, ob es möglich ist eine Android App zu entwickeln die sich dafür eignet, den Standort von Kleingeräten über Bluetooth Low Energy in Kombination mit dem GPS des Smartphones zu erfassen.
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React Native Developer With Nrf52832 Dev Kit
We need a developer to quickly implement some BLE features in to our application. You will need an NRF52832 dev kit to complete this task. The job is simple and we are not looking for someone to complete the full application. Just to assist our development team by quickly implementing the 4 characteristics our device uses.
Full Description of React Native Developer with NRF52832 Dev Kit
Android Developer With Experience In Signal Processing
Experience developing, testing and launching at least 2 sensor data based mobile applications, 2 years practical experience using React Native, React, or Swift, Kotlin . In-depth knowledge of working with data driven workflow implementation and REST APIs, Experience in processing signals dynamically on arduino
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React Native Ble Tech Clarification
WE have an application which is scanning continously for ble devices and reading their advertised values. Note: We don't pair the device here..directly, read the values. Requirement is, instead of continously scanning, we want to listening in passive mode for BLE devices. i.e, observing for values coming in from sensors. can you support with this. No, front end part needed , just need to introduce listening mode to the application.
Full Description of React Native BLE Tech clarification
Build A Proof Of Concept For Screensharing App Ios (bluetooth And Wifi Based Technology)
Hello. Your task is to build a simple demo that enables a user to share his/her screen with another user without using the internet. The technology to be used here is Bluetooth and Wifi ... Similar to the technology behind airdrop. It should allow one user to broadcast his/her screen to a local audience. NB: No sound is required for the initial demo
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Headlamp With Ble
I have a nrf52 pcb board with peripherals on i2c bus and leds driven by cpu output. I' d like to create the firmware to control the lamp into Segger environment but i never used it.
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App For Smartwatch
I am doing a project where I wish to incooporate a smartwatch with an regular phone app and hardware. Only do bid if you have experience with Xiaomi or other smartwatch app development.
Full Description of App for smartwatch
Bluetooth Device App
In need an App developer who can develop an app for control device. Bluetooth device controller. Device controlling App
Full Description of Bluetooth Device App
Smart Bond Tiny Project
I have 2 smart bond tiny boards and would like to build a connection between the two boards and a mobile app via BLE. one of the boards would have a button and send a signal to the second board and the mobile app once the button is pressed.
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React Native Demo App
I need to be able to print to ESC/POS (BLUETOOTH PRINTERS) Star Micronics SM-T300i Star Micronics SM-T400i ESC/P Brother RJ-4030Ai Brother RJ-4230B Needs to be in react version "0.63.4" Just a demo app of react native with this functionality Discover the connections that are made to the device via bluetooth. print to one of the connected bluetooth printers.
Full Description of REACT NATIVE DEMO APP
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