Inlo-cart: Intelligent Approaches For Laytime Optimization And Cargo Routing To Ensure On-time Delivery In Supply Chain -- 2
Hi, I'm here posting the work. I'm looking for a perfect freelancer to work on the code and documentation. I'm here attaching the basic introduction of the project. I'll attach my proposal for further discussion. The code should be written in python programming language and the document should contain 50 pages of work with a minimum of 45-50 references. I can also attach the sample document if you need it. Below I had written the basic introduction of the project.…
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Female Math Tutor
We are looking for a female math tutor who is fluent in English and understands the requirement for Maths, KS2 and KS3 It is for a young girl age 11. The fees are limited in dollars per hour, will discuss once finalised. Good luck.
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using R studio and tableau find insight in the attached document describe the requirement
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Matlab, Sound Processing And Music
I would like to hire a freelancer with knowledge in Matlab/ Octave to do a series of music/ speech sound processing projects. Fourier, DAFX, parametric division to phasmatic areas, formants etc. Reviews or Past experience record are required. Analytical details in chat, this is an ongoing project Best wishes
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Solve Me A Math Equation On Matlab
i have an equation i solved by myself on paper but it is requested to me to be made via matlab and i do not know how to use it . i need help to solve the equation on Matlab asap
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Matlab Problems -- 2
Can you answer max 4 MATLAB problems that I will send you tomorrow morning (Pakistan local time) 7-9 am?
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Convert Gauss Codes To R Codes
I have written a model program in Gauss language that uses structures and procedures to load data, produce projections and save results. I need someone with experience in both Gauss and R to convert my Gauss program files to
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Cubiks Logiks
I need a Cubiks - Logiks expert. please pm Regards, Bhavani
Full Description of Cubiks Logiks
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