Mechanical Engineering

Dialux Design For Flood Light
Dialux report confirming that two nos. of 300 W LED floodlight placed on a 8 mtr. Pole using cantilever of 1 mtr. Length on both sides of the pole are together able to provide minimum 7 lux in the area 25 mtr ( length) X 20 mtr (width) . please send me the price for the same. Thanks & Regards, [Removed by]
Full Description of Dialux design For Flood light
Simulación Dinámica Ansys
Hola soy Henry, necesito a alguien quien pueda realizar una simulación dinámica de proyecto que contiene mecanismo de suspensión por torsión, este mecanismo estaría acoplado a un chasis de un triciclo, el cual serviría como un mecanismo de inclinación (Adjunto fotos de referencia). Los archivos CAD ya los tengo, solo sería la simulación.
Full Description of simulación dinámica ANSYS
Research Paper
I need competent writer to help me out with my projects basically academic projects.
Full Description of Research paper
Matlab Problems -- 2
Can you answer max 4 MATLAB problems that I will send you tomorrow morning (Pakistan local time) 7-9 am?
Full Description of MATLAB Problems -- 2
3d Printing Simulation (dmd Process)
I want to simulate the Direct metal deposition or Cladding of single metal layer over a substrate using COMSOL/ or/HYPERMESH/ or ABAQUS/or ANSYS /or 3D flow to find the temperature profile and clad dimensions.
Full Description of 3D printing simulation (DMD Process)
Aerospace And Aircraft Dynamics
Hello, I am looking for anyone who is an expert in aerospace and aircraft dynamics. If you fit in this subject , please contact me as I will have a job for you .
Full Description of Aerospace and Aircraft Dynamics
Car Engineer
Will need someone who knows about car components really well to write me a description.
Full Description of Car engineer
Synchronous Reluctance Motor Design
I need a skilled electrical engineer (with electrical machines experience) that is able to size and design a motor based on performance specifications. It has to be 94%+ efficient in the 100+kW region whilst wheighing less than 40kg. Torque, power, voltage, current, efficiency and mechanical stress simulation and charts are expected for validation; no permanent magnets use is allowed.
Full Description of Synchronous Reluctance Motor design
Product Design Engineer
Starting a new product. Need help with suggestions for mechanisms (plugs, hoses, fold up frame like, padding)what material to use and other recommendations. Is an outdoor children's small pool. Would prefer someone based in Australia (Melbourne) .
X-ray Diffraction Lab Report
Full Description of X-Ray Diffraction Lab Report
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