Prediction Of Frequency Application Using Gui With Trained Neural Network
Hi, i am postgraduate student from malaysia, i need someone that can help me to build gui application to predict frequency using trained neural network (save in .mat file), i have the trained neural network, i only need someone that can help me with the coding to load the .mat file in GUI.
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Matlab Expert Needed -- 2
We need help in editing an exist MATLAB code to distribute the data over a plot properly.
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Help Me With Python Programming
I have matlab code which generates data, and c code attached to it to structure that code. whole c code + matlab code generates and structure the data according to AX25 Protocol rule. output data from above code, we have to interpret this output data and dump it in Influxdb(database) To inrepret the data, intrepret means decoding. for that I wrote decoder in Kaitai(.ksy) and by using kaitai web id I converted kaitai code to python code. we have to…
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Chemical Engineering Project
The project requires me to solve a Chemical Reaction Engineering and Mass transfer operations problem using any software of choice. I would like a finished project on the 29th of June.
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I Need A Raspberry Pi Specialist With Background In Electrical Power Engineering And Python.
The task I want is to write a short python script to interface the Raspberry Pi with the programmable DC Electronic Load. The Raspberry Pi will have a CSV file that contains time-series power data of a household and I need to transfer this data to the DC Electronic Load in real-time. The card I am using is this: Industrial Automation Stackable Card for Raspberry Pi. ( Functions that are required (Analog input/output and RTC Functions) can be found in…
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Aerospace Aircraft Dynamics
Hello i am looking for someone who is an expert in aerospace . This job requires a little bit of aerospace and a little bit of electrical engineering . If you fit those 2 subjects please contact me for a job
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Need A Matlab Expert, With Electronic Engineering Background
I need help with EFIE simulations. EFIE is Electric Field integral Equation. it needs to calculate two main things- surface currents and the electric field above the surface. Add a Hata Pathloss model and calculate the full-wave solution of the EFIE. I will explain and provide all the necessary details required for the code.
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Fuzzy Path Planning
design fuzzy path planning in unknown environment the obstacle in environment is static and dynamic as seen in picture i want as the two picture
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I Need Matlab Expert For Wave Equation
I need a MATLAB expert for the wave equations. I need a Matlab code. I have a wave equation problem. It is easy actually. I wrote codes. But it doesn't work correctly. Thanks.
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Solve A Pde Using Fourior Spectral Method
If you are familiar with solving pde numerically using semi implicit fourior spectral method please contact me...... it would be great if you have a background in chemical engineering
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Molecular Dynamics
I am looking for a project assistance to perform simulation of the molecules. Requirements are VMD software, LAMMPS, Python or MATLAB and familarity with Linux/Ubuntu.
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