Inlo-cart: Intelligent Approaches For Laytime Optimization And Cargo Routing To Ensure On-time Delivery In Supply Chain -- 2
Hi, I'm here posting the work. I'm looking for a perfect freelancer to work on the code and documentation. I'm here attaching the basic introduction of the project. I'll attach my proposal for further discussion. The code should be written in python programming language and the document should contain 50 pages of work with a minimum of 45-50 references. I can also attach the sample document if you need it. Below I had written the basic introduction of the project.…
Full Description of INLO-CART: Intelligent Approaches for Laytime Optimization and Cargo…
Maquetador En Odoo
Se Busca desarrollador en Odoo con experiencia maqueando paginas desde cero. Maquetar paginas del sitio web. Maquetar plantillas de correo electrónico
Full Description of Maquetador en odoo
Python Project -- 2
You have to create an application which accepts and stores information of employees or books in a Binary Search Tree. We should be able to add as much info as possible. Then you have to perform Binary Search to display the employee details
Full Description of Python Project -- 2
Nlp Neural Networks Experts Needed
Design (deep) neural networks and use regularization and optimization techniques to improve optimization and generalization performance on a dataset.
Full Description of NLP neural networks experts needed
Python-django Saas
I’m looking to create a SAAS for event managers which handles the following: Functionalities. 1.) Event Ticketing. 2.) CRM 3.) Promotion :Email,SMS,GSM-SMS. I’m looking at creating the simplest version possible first to see if there’s even a market for this. If you're applying for this, please give a brief sentence on what ready made parts and API's you'll be using to make this. I'm looking at python developers only , because I am also learning python on the side. I've…
Full Description of Python-Django SAAS
Chess Tournament Platform To Be Installed At My Website
Request details Chess programming a Tournament Platform for individual (One vs One) and Community/Group Tournament. They can chat while watching the games. Games are 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute time element. Programming must be on Python, Nodejs or higher language suitable to make a powerful and creative chess playing platform.
Full Description of Chess Tournament Platform to be installed at my…
Script For Fetching The Date
Script for fetching the data I want a script that will scrape data from a directory website, Data to be fetched are: Name of company Phone number Email Address (You may find it from their respective websites ) from this website: Making a Python script will scrape the data from it. What do I want? => All the data of solar Installers in CSV format => A python script that will scrape
Full Description of Script for fetching the date
We need script to use bitcoin-core RPC in offline mode = no internet search a bulk of addresses for their balance from a list.txt and save the stats of the addresses in output.txt like this Bitcoin Address = 1Kv144C7TwLyA1LnKGPfFNGDrwat683fYa total_received = 0 Bitcoin final_balance = 0 Bitcoin
Full Description of bitcoin-core
Looking For Nlp Expert To Make Text Summarization
you give me a Email Text Summarization project that will have mongoDB and Spacy. The data will be in mongodb and we call the data in spacy, make analytics on the data and the results are sent to mongodb again. Here is datasets
Full Description of Looking for NLP expert to make Text summarization
A Web Mining Project Or Application Alongwith A Detailed Report
Proposals are welcome. Preferably in the direction of e-commerce but not a compulsion. The report has to be non-plagiarized with proper dissertations and references wherever necessary. Preferred programming language: Python or R Preferred tool: Orange or Tableau
Full Description of A Web Mining project or application alongwith a…
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