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Chrome Extension
Hello i need a chrome extension to open google searches Links in new tabs and should be in bulk and i can modify the count of how many Links should be opener as bulk
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Chrome Extension With Trading Api
I have a specific request for a chrome extension (cryptocurrency trading) : - Attached chrome extension (zip) take information from and send buy/sell order to bybit API. - I need you to replace the current API with another broker API (Oanda broker) in background.js Endpoints : - Trade : - Order : Authentification details in chat Note : 1) You DON'T need to create a tradingview account to test it 2) Test will be made from…
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Google Slides Automate Powerpoint Presentation Using Google Apps Script
Hello Freelancers! I am looking for somebody with Google Slide Presentation Automation skills. I need to automate data inputs on the slides and directional arrows(color changing Red/Green). The Data will be coming from Google Slides. Python code can be implemented but need someone with Javascript experience to work with Google Apps Script. Here is code documentation: Looking to complete project ASAP (24-48 hrs) for code logic and implementation. I can walk through project details and will create step-by-step documentation.…
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Silent Installer For Browsers Extension.
Hi. As the project name say I need a silent installer for browsers extension. I mean an app that when I run it will install in background (silent mode) my extension for the most used browsers and not show alert/messages to user when app is installing the extension and not show alert/messages once extension installed. I mean avoid messages like "an external app installed an extension" or something like that. All will work in silent mode. Point requireds in the…
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Google Chrom Extension Or A Window Software For Custom Activity
I want a program/ Software / Extension which should reload the browser tab after clearing history and restarting a specific chrome extension after a specified time. The person contacting me should be highly qualified for this task and i need it on urgent basis. Further details will be shared upon contacting
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Extract Email Ids From A Database
I have a subscription to an email database provider, I am looking for a freelancer, who can extract mail ids from the database.
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Front Running Uniswap Bot
I would like for someone to create a front-running bot based on the Ethereum Blockchain with different contracts address that I could enter (Metamask, uniswap pool essentially). I would like to have it as a as a chrome Extension. The BOT would essentially: - Scan the blockchain and find transactions based on certain criteria (pending on the block aka mempool). - Front-run (specific trade volumes, slippage and gas price) transactions by placing a buy order on the same block at…
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Need A Professional Extension Developer Of My Need
I'm looking for an extension that can be used to share Accounts to my students . For example I'm as an web designer. I teaches web designing to students but I want to offer them tools like Enavto Elements, iconscout , freepik & more etc for their learning at starting. I want an extension through which the subscription I have bought from a 3rd party website. That can be shared among my students.
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Task Based Desktop App
Hey, I have a javascript chrome extension that is coded to do certain tasks in the browser, I need to build an app that can do the same tasks but as a standalone and without chrome to run. I don't mind the language, but C# or Python is preferred.
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Automatically Interact
I need chrome extention which will interact with a particular website. It will have to locate/find the elements on the website. Then click those buttons. Timing is given in GMT+5:30 with 24 hour format like 14:50. Alert arrives on the telegram.
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Chrome Extension Website
I'm in need of a freelancer who can build a chrome extension for my website, with past work you've done before. Thanks
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