Property Management

Looking For A Property Manager
I have several properties in India and I need someone to manage their rentals and sale. The commission and price can be discussed.
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Seeking Real Estate Assiant Commisson Based Only -- 2
Job Responsibilities: Help locate deals that present excellent financial opportunities Identify and acquire new equity acquisition and joint venture opportunities Analyze, structure, and evaluate potential transactions Work with real estate attorneys and title companies handle all mergers and acquisitions, dispositions * Conduct market research * Complete due diligence, make recommendations regarding issues and findings
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Hiring Real Estate Assistants Commisson Based Only
Responsibilities: Call sellers to inquire about their properties Negotiate and overcome objections to get the contract signed Set appointments to visit homes Assess the value of properties and put offers together Be challenged to reach your goals and think outside the box Constantly be thinking of ways we can innovate and improve upon existing systems and processes to help grow and scale Qualifications: At Storydoor, you must: Be a servant leader Be a team player Be a self-starter Be coachable…
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I Need A Telecaller To Sell Properties
We are looking for a Chennai based female with fluency in English and Tamil to present property details to prospective clients. In addition to salary, successful conversation of leads into sales will be suitably rewarded.
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Australian Council Development Approval Proposal For A Restaurant
Will need you to put together a 10-15 page proposal for a restaurant/bar on council/government property needed to get approval to go ahead. restaurant Is located on a public water front and will be on a vessel. Few notes Attached the red marker is where boat will be located. Photo attached is of similar restaurant in other town Toilet will be on board 4 tables on boat Parking will be in public parking Open Thursday-Sunday 4pm-10pm Maximum of 25 people…
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Assistant Property Manager
Your job is to coordinate the occupancy, security, maintenance, and repair of a residential or commercial property. In this role, you may address tenant concerns, advertise when a unit is open, represent the company to a potential resident, and assist the primary property manager with day-to-day tasks. Assistant property managers often help create daily and monthly reports, ensure the accuracy of ledgers, inspect units, maintain a knowledge of the property, and physically inspect the area. If you are responsible for…
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Vacation Rental & Real Estate Company
?In need of Operation Manager for real estate - vacation rental company? 1. Operation related to rental & maintenance of properties virtually is needed. 2. You must have some experience related to this position and provide insight of your previous experience on the cover letter. 3. Please provide us the cover letter including any forte of yours & why you think our company and you are a good fit. 4. Payment can be anywhere between $650-$800 a month to begin…
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I Need A Property Broker
I Need Someone To Be Able To Show My Property To Interested Customers And Convince Them To But The Property. Remuneration At Industry Rates After The Agreement To Sell Is Entered And Payment Received From Buyer.
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Airbnb Vrbo Tax Property Rental Management
I own 3 condos/casas in Mexico + manage several others rental properties for other owners/investors. Recently tax rules have changed in Mexico for occupancy tax, IVA and income tax. I have a Mexican company and its clear for the units I own what I need to do, however very complex for non owned properties. Specifically I would like to configure each property so that: - for properties I own, airbnb & vrbo withhold and pay all taxes to Mexican government…
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Airbnb Account Manager
I am looking for someone who has experience in managing my account on Airbnb, who has the knowledge of managing reservations, responding to customers and analyzing the best price for displaying the real estate unit, in addition to experience in dealing with Airbnb in the Gulf region, preferably in Saudi Arabia
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