3d Model From Image
Need 3d model of attached image, it's a half statue, we are looking expert in head sculpting, We need this 3d model at very great details, details at level of including porch, lines, mole etc on face according to reference image. Need very realistic model. We will provide some more images for reference. Kindly share same kind of privious work images, please share Original photo image and 3d model image. We have same kind of lots of work.
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Bowling Centre Beautification Mural And Landscape- Used Materials
Hi Grandview Lanes Family Owned & operated business on Commercial Dr Vancouver since 1947. We would like to keep used bowling balls and pins out of the landfills by installing an outdoor landscape / sculpture type piece. The ground space we would like to use is the easement portion of the property approximately 400sqft. The wall space is approximately 2000sqft.
Full Description of Bowling Centre Beautification Mural and Landscape- used materials
Breast Handbag -- 2
I have an art sculpture of a handbag design i need made. The frame of the bag is wood; the breast of the bag is liquid silicon to give the hyperealistic effect of a dangling woman human breast. so material is wood, liquid silicon, leather, paint, accessories
Full Description of Breast Handbag -- 2
Prague Astronomical Display Model
A fine, refined and high quality wooden and metal (or metal like), painted of circular display plate, dial and numbers based on the Prague Astronomical Clock. The total diameter must be between 60 cm and 80 cm. This project doesn't include mechanical parts, clock movements, neither clock pointers or moving parts. But help with pointers, the circular zodiac wheel and figures would be welcome. These are real Prague clock pictures. But, in fact, it must be re-designed to work in…
Full Description of Prague Astronomical Display Model
Photogrammetry 3d Models Surface De-noise And Detail Refinement/ Export For 3d Print
We need (dedicated) 3D Modelers/Sculpters who gives our 3D Models (based from photogrammetry/laser scans) a finish/detail refinement and make them ready/optimize for 3D printing process for our cultural heritage/preservation projects. The results need to maintain maximum realism/accuracy and in some cases we will also request reconstruction work on the models for on location replacements for degraded or vandalised objects. The first object we`re doing to give you for a workover is shown in the preview images of the project description.…
Full Description of Photogrammetry 3D Models surface de-noise and detail refinement/…
Sculpt / Model In 3d A 2d Graphic Print
We need to have a 3D model (with frontal parallel / orthogonal camera) of a PRINTED GRAPHIC DESIGN. The design comes in 2 layers and we would like you to re-create these elements in 3D. The 3D graphic will have to match exactly the PRINT, and thus we require precision in this job. All sculpted elements should also have different colors and different meshes to define each single element. If possible to work on CINEMA 4D would be best. The…
Full Description of Sculpt / Model in 3D a 2D graphic…
Diving Board / Pool Slide Repurposed Art/furniture
We are remodeling our pool and have our old pool slide and diving board that I'd like to hire someone to repurpose them into some sculture or furniture piece. Not all of them. Just a little piece of each and using them to turn into some that I can give to my sister for Christmas as a memory to my mom. Does any creative artist in the area do things like this?
Full Description of Diving Board / Pool Slide Repurposed Art/Furniture
I Need A King Crown With My Special Design To Be Done In Zbrush Only
Apply only if you are capable of doing detailed sculpting with creative idea for crown in Zbrush. Attached file is just an idea of that crown, will share details once you selected
Full Description of I need a king crown with my special…
3d Head Sculpture
I'm looking for someone who can sculpt me a bust in 3d using the image references that I will deliver to him. My budget is 100$. Looking forward and please send me your art station link.
Full Description of 3d Head Sculpture
Need Clay Artist, Who Can Sculpt Human 3d Miniature With Polymer Clay
Actually, we are planning to come on gift sector and open an online store, where we will be receiving orders regarding 3D human dolls (made from polymer clay). So, we are finding partner to fulfill our orders. Our store will be having 3 varient size. 7 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches respectively. The Consumer can order for single, couple and for Family doll. We request you to provide your lowest price for each variant. We will Love to work…
Full Description of Need clay artist, who can sculpt human 3D…
I Need An Artist That Can Make Statues
Our two cats both passed away recently. I'd like to commission an artist to make replica statues of them. It can be in any medium. Thanks!
Full Description of I need an artist that can make statues
Bar Amaros Quiero Artistas Para Poner Sus Fotos Y Arte
I have a Bar call Amaros and I am looking for Artist young and old that like to display there arts for short period at a time there pieces in the place I have. I like to rotate different Artists all year around. Please let me know what you think, I can be rich at Calle Juan de Padillas 13, Malaga +33749544134 Thank you
Full Description of Bar Amaros quiero artistas para poner sus fotos…
Woman Scupture
I am interested in having a sculpture made of a particular woman for display in a residence. I am thinking it would be carved out of stone, but I would consider other forms of sculpture. The piece needs to be realistic and not abstract. I have attached some photos of the model. The model would be available for live modeling as may be required. The timing is a little flexible as well.
Full Description of Woman Scupture
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