Proyecto Escolar Diagrama De Flujo + Triz + Simulador
Requiero que bosquejen un diagrama de flujo de una empresa constructora de construcciones sustentables, se haga un análisis de las contradicciones en la ruta de servicio, aplique TRIZ para resolver dichas contradicciónes ajustar el diagrama de flujo con lo resuelto y simular el proceso en SIMIO Simulator. Puedo contratar por partes 1.- Diagrama de Flujo (pago mínimo) 2.- aplicación de TRIZ (pago minimo/intermedio) 3.- simular (pago intermedio) 4.- Todo (pago regular)
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Commercial Construction Special Trade Blue Print Take Off
I am in the natural stone business, I have commercial projects to bid. I would like to connect with someone who understands blueprints 100% to handle for me. Need takeoff of all countertops or area that specs natural stone.
Full Description of Commercial construction special trade blue print take off
Require Consultants With Construction/civil Engineering Experience In Usa, Australia And Singapore
We need consultants with experience in civil engineering, road construction, land development, earthworks/earthmoving in USA, Australia and Singapore. Candidates who were involved in actual construction projects or have an academic background in construction. Candidates who are aware of different stages of a construction project as well as the different stakeholders involved in a project. Payment will be in the range of USD 700 and USD 1,000 for the whole project
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800 Sq Ft Addition
I am building a 30’Lx28’W addition to my singling story home. The addition will have a 6’x10’ Bathroom, 14’x10’ Bedroom, 10’x10’ Office, with the remaining area open for a second family room
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Telesales And Appointment Setting - Construction Industry
GTW Construction & Foundation Repair Services is an exciting market leader and innovator for Helical Screw Piles and General Contracting Services for the Construction Industry, focused on servicing the needs for low-rise construction foundation solutions, underpinning, Foundation repair, and for manufactured homes, lighting, and signage, focused on the Southern California market. We are currently expanding in Southern California and growing our Sales team to develop those markets. The Inside Sales position will perform key outbound telesales functions to find…
Full Description of TeleSales and Appointment Setting - Construction Industry
Our Company is in need of a reputable representative to handle its interest in different regions.
Full Description of Representative
Social Impact Assessment For Construction Project
UK Social Value Bank - UKSVB RIBA Social Value Toolkit UK Green Building Council Social Value in Development RICS Measuring Social Value in Infrastructure projects Social impacts of construction projects refer to certain social consequences to human populations of construction projects that change the ways in which people live, work, play, relate to one another, organize to meet their needs, and generally cope as members of society. Social Impact Assessment includes the processes of analysing, monitoring and managing the intended…
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Explain Four Structural Systems Commonly Employed In Tall Building Construction
Help me explain some construction and structure questions. For example: Timber as only recently been used as the main structural elements of high rise buildings. Explain the key concerns and structural limitations that had to be overcome before it could be used. Briefly explain why architects, clients and engineers might want to use it.
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Petite Maison Moderne
Nous vous présentons cette maison moderne sur une surface de 9 x 9 m ??? elle est composé : - 01 salon - 01 S.A.M - 01 Cuisine - 02 Chambres - 02 Douches - 01 terrasse En investissant de l’argent dans une petite maison, vous aurez un bon revenu avec peu de capital investi.
Full Description of petite Maison moderne
Project Management - Construction Field
Basic info: Minimum of 2 years experience in a construction project manager/coordinator role Time Zone preferably similar to Vancouver (Note it can be any time zone, but they need to be willing to work during Vancouver work hours English needs to be good Full-time Needs to be familiar with construction bidding process Needs to be a very organized individual Most important skill is problem solving → will need to test for this University/college degree is an asset Role includes Coordinating/managing…
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Interior House Painting
Need help getting walls and trim ready to paint and then to help paint. It would be great to have someone w painting experience because I have very little.
Full Description of Interior house painting
Metric Pvc Pipe Measurement
NOTE: If you live in the United States, please ignore this project. This is intended for someone who lives in a country where the metric system is used. I’m in the early stage of designing an item in the United States using US (Imperial measurement) ½” PVC pipe. I also want to test the use of similar metric PVC pipe, but unfortunately I could not find metric pipe here in the US, and metric pipe vendors in other countries do…
Full Description of Metric PVC Pipe Measurement
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