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Ventas Y Booking Hotelera
Tenemos un hotel en un lugar en Chile y se necesita alguien bilingue para hacer ventas, booking, y administracion. Será para un periodo indefinido. Se paga bien y se trata con respeto. Recibiras un porcentaje de los ingresos para ventas. Lo mas que vendes, lo mas ganaras. Por si acaso te encuentras fuera de chile, habrá que tener la capacidad de recibir pagos tipo transferencia bancaria internacional, y tu seras responsable por los honorarios asociados con las transferencias. Requisitos son:…
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Saya Membutuhkan Seorang Peneliti Analis Yang Dapat Melakukan Panggilan Telepon Ke Universitas Di Indonesia
Research Requirement Kami sedang mengerjakan Proyek Penelitian di Sektor Pendidikan Kedokteran di Indonesia. Kami membutuhkan dukungan untuk mendapatkan perincian berikut untuk 10 Institut Medis yang teridentifikasi: 1) Jumlah Penerimaan Mahasiswa Tahun 2020 2) Jumlah Lulusan Kedokteran Tahun 2020 3) Jumlah Aplikasi Kursus Medis 4) Jumlah Guru (khusus fakultas kedokteran). Peneliti dapat mengambil 2 pendekatan: 1) Unduh brosur dan dapatkan informasi yang diperlukan 2) Hubungi Universitas / Institut dan dapatkan detail ini dari mereka Kami akan memberikan daftar top 10 lembaga…
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Needed A English Teacher - India
Teach English skills including reading, writing, and speaking will be focused. ... Instruct student about the structure and content of the English language. Teach students to Emphasize the rules of composition, grammar and sentence construction. Your pay will be 100 for 1hr of your job. if u work regularly for minimum 4hr everyday for 30 days. your pay will be 12000 in a month.
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Japanese Research Project
We are in need of a Japanese native speaker (you must speak and write in Japanese) to research the ageing care market within Japan. We need a native Japanese speaker to be able to: Cover the landscape (category) of the healthcare market Who are the largest ageing care providers in the Kanto region? Who are the largest external providers of ageing care (in home care treatment) in the Kanto region? Light overview of trends or challenges in the healthcare market…
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Have English To French Qc And Subtitling Task -- 3
Hi , Greetings!! Looking for Native French subtitle translator for the below-mentioned tasks? There will be two following tasks: 1) QC’ing of French Subtitles. This requires adding any on-screen text that is plot-relevant, fixing any typos, and retiming if necessary. 2) Translation of English CC SRT into French normal SRT. Project Details: Price for QC: $0.5/min Deadline for QC: June 23rd, 10 AM IST Deadline For Translation: June 23 EOD Price for Translation: $1/min Volume: 42mins
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English Proofreading 3500 Words
Hello, I need English proofreading for the text attached, 3500 words. The text was written in good English but not from a native speaker. Few improvements should
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