Inlo-cart: Intelligent Approaches For Laytime Optimization And Cargo Routing To Ensure On-time Delivery In Supply Chain -- 2
Hi, I'm here posting the work. I'm looking for a perfect freelancer to work on the code and documentation. I'm here attaching the basic introduction of the project. I'll attach my proposal for further discussion. The code should be written in python programming language and the document should contain 50 pages of work with a minimum of 45-50 references. I can also attach the sample document if you need it. Below I had written the basic introduction of the project.…
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Participants For The Psychology Experiment
We are looking for participants in a positive psychology experiment. No special skills required, just knowledge of English to understand instructions. After completing the registration form, participants will be asked to do a daily task for 10 minutes for 7 days and to fill in 2 post-experiment evaluations, which will take roughly 15 minutes each. When applying please answer the following questions: - Have you participated in psychology experiments before? - What is your interest in participating? - If you…
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Saya Membutuhkan Seorang Peneliti Analis Yang Dapat Melakukan Panggilan Telepon Ke Universitas Di Indonesia
Research Requirement Kami sedang mengerjakan Proyek Penelitian di Sektor Pendidikan Kedokteran di Indonesia. Kami membutuhkan dukungan untuk mendapatkan perincian berikut untuk 10 Institut Medis yang teridentifikasi: 1) Jumlah Penerimaan Mahasiswa Tahun 2020 2) Jumlah Lulusan Kedokteran Tahun 2020 3) Jumlah Aplikasi Kursus Medis 4) Jumlah Guru (khusus fakultas kedokteran). Peneliti dapat mengambil 2 pendekatan: 1) Unduh brosur dan dapatkan informasi yang diperlukan 2) Hubungi Universitas / Institut dan dapatkan detail ini dari mereka Kami akan memberikan daftar top 10 lembaga…
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Japanese Research Project
We are in need of a Japanese native speaker (you must speak and write in Japanese) to research the ageing care market within Japan. We need a native Japanese speaker to be able to: Cover the landscape (category) of the healthcare market Who are the largest ageing care providers in the Kanto region? Who are the largest external providers of ageing care (in home care treatment) in the Kanto region? Light overview of trends or challenges in the healthcare market…
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Researcher Needed
I need someone to make a research on the influence of banking policies in a nation's economy.
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Statistics Research Paper
I want a research paper to be completed following in 12 hours. Data-Set will be provided for this: Research paper has to be 10-12 pages. APA 7 Guidelines shall apply for reporting of results. Paper should have the following structure: 1. Relevance (1 Page) 2. Research Question and Hypotheses (four hypotheses) (1 Page) 3. Explanation and Justification of Selected Statistical Tests (3 Pages) 4. Results including APA-Tables and APA-Figures (3-5 Pages) 5. Conclusion (2 Pages)
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Virtual Assistant Needed
Responsibilities may include the following. Exhibit high standards, excellent communication skills, and have an ability to take initiative, and prioritize daily tasks. A strong ability to take charge and meet tight deadlines will ensure your success in this multifaceted role. Researching the internet for needed Contact information¬† Initiating and setting up interviews for Similar podcasts, Blog Sites, YouTube channels. Helping to create presentation materials on a daily basis Completing Market Research Proofreading and providing edits for copy and other materials…
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Organization Study Project -- 2
Organization Study Project Project 3: Organization Study Project This project is about conducting a problem assessment and analysis of causes of the problem within an organization, using the knowledge you gained about research designs/methods in previous period. You can either choose one method (qualitative or quantitative). The paper should provide some background about the organization, identify a focal problem, propose and justify probable causes explaining why the problem exists, methods of addressing a focal problem, and include results of preliminary…
Full Description of Organization Study Project -- 2
Understand The Application Of Theories, Principles And Models Of Communication In Education And Training.
Understand the application of theories, principles and models of communication in education and training. 2.1 Analyse theories, principles and models of communication 2.2 Explain ways in which theories, principles and models of communication can be applied to teaching, learning and assessment The student should complete an essay analysing major theories, principles and models of communication. They should move on to discuss ways in which theories, principles and models of communication can be applied to teaching, learning and assessment. (400 words…
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Content Writer Needed For Our Company (possibly Fixed Monthly Salary)
Hey, I am looking for Content Writer for our Startup company. Only person willing to work for long term must apply There will be fixed monthly salary and will be paid in milestones by this platform only The work will be creating Daily Blogs, Quotes, Descriptions for our Social Media Posts, some Data Researching & Data Entry Work on our Products We are in Indian Stones (Marbles, Granites) + Textile Business, so someone experienced in these field will be better…
Full Description of Content Writer needed for our Company (Possibly Fixed…
Letter Of Recommendation For Graduate School
I need a letter to put with my application for the graduate program at the university of toledo. I would like to earn my masters so I can teach middle school science and social studies. I currently have my undergraduate degree in arts and science. I worked as a preschool teacher for over 5 years and also substitute taught for Toledo public schools
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I Need A Proposal Writer For My Phd
I am looking to do my PhD and I need to find a research gap in user and device authentication in the smart home context. in particular, I need a research gap in authentication solutions that uses two authentication factors one of them is location information.
Full Description of I need a proposal writer for my PhD
Form Filling For Crypto Traders
A test form to be filled immediately by crypto traders. A surveyor and market researcher required to fill the firms.
Full Description of Form filling for crypto traders
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