Write Me A Scientific Paper In Internet Of Things/crypto/blockchain Or Iot And Cyber Security
Researcher should have background of IoT and Information Technology. Contact me for further details. You can suggest me your topic or i would be glad to talk with you, if you have any ideas for implementations. __________________________ Deadline: None Type: Journal or Conference Paper References: 20-25 Plagiarism: Almost 0%
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Need A Statistician For Analysis Of What Constitutes A "random Sample" Of Billings
Case involves a so called random sample of billings in a health care billing dispute. Out of approximately 2,000 patients and 50,000 sampling events, a few hundred were picked. These were analyzed for regulatory compliance and then a "bill" made up to recoup money by means of projecting the sample over the entire patient population and billing history. Our contention is that the sample was not "random" but skewed so as to produce a larger billing error.
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Find Municipal Contacts -- 2
We are looking to find specific municipal government contacts for cities/towns/counties in the US. I will provide a list of locations we are interested in and you would find the contact details for them. We are interested in their name, occupation and phone number. This is a research oriented task so we are looking for people who can provide a rate per 100 contacts. For example, if you provide details for 300 contacts than you would get $30. Pay is…
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Inclusive Education White Paper
An experienced whitepaper writer and researcher with rich knowledge in EdTech and education theories is required to work on a COVID-centric learning delivery project focussed on rural and offline delivery model. There are relevant statistics, facts, learnings, insights, learning theories and best practices to be weaved into a compelling whitepaper.
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Lose Weight Without Starving
Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself! You can implement to your diet some supplements that will help you with your immune system, and most import it will help you to reduce the anxiety of eating. The following link will take you to the website of your life. Click Below On the website above you will find amazing products not just to maintain your body in shape, but also it will help you with the sagging of your skin when losing…
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Market / Demographics Research - Australia
Require market and demographics research for SMB for 3 specific industries within an Australian state. 1st Requirement: For each industry: -Roughly what proportion are Small to Medium Business (SMB) -For SMBs only, what types of services are offered -For SMBs only, what is the proportion of government vs privately owned -For SMBs only, what is the demographics of the people working within each business 2nd Requirement: For each industry (i.e x3): -The contact details of 6 (for a total of…
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Content Seeding - Seeders Required!
We are a Freight Forwarding company, and are looking for seeders to help spread the word on the various deals, promotions on Facebook Groups, Community Groups, and forums. You will need to submit a list of 20 sites that fit our brand profile, propose some content (less than 100 words) and post on these sites and monitor the comments for us. All posts must be approved in advance and you will have to post it using your own profile(s) instead…
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Correlation And Regression Testing
I have a relatively small excel spreadsheet that indicates when a video support service is used in response to a motor vehicle accident in my state. I'd like some variables explored to see if there is a correlation between them. I'm looking for someone to provide advice on the most appropriate statistical tests to use for this dataset, run these tests and provide a brief response describing the findings.
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Disaster And Recover Planning
Please write a research paper of 3000 - 3500 words on one of the following topics: 1. Organizational Readiness 2. Incident Response 3. Disaster Recovery 4. Business Continuity Planning 5. Crisis Management Please use APA format, and provide at least 4 peer-reviewed references.
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Product Research Specialist
We are looking for a meticulous, detail-oriented research specialist to assist with the planning and conducting of product research projects. The research specialist's responsibilities include collecting, sorting, and analyzing data, developing, executing, and interpreting research projects. Out perfect candidate: - Experience¬†in product sourcing - Experience in working with any e-commerce¬†businesses like drop-shipping - Fluent English Responsibilities: - Research Hashtags On Social Media To Uncover Trending Products - Study Amazon Categories For Product Research That People Sell - Use The Pins…
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