Gps Tracker (stm32+sim868) Prototype Firmware Development Part2
Hi all, I need help with firmware development for a GPS tracker prototype I'm building. It will be based on the STM32 microcontroller and will use the SIM868 as the communications module for GPS/GPRS/BLUETOOTH. Requirements: - Set up communication between STM32 and SIM868 over UART using AT commands - Sending GPS data to remote server over TCP/IP using a defined communication protocol (GT06/TK06 or other, open for suggestions) - Reading and configuring of device parameters using SMS - Reading accelerometer…
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Build A Proof Of Concept For Screensharing App Ios (bluetooth And Wifi Based Technology)
Hello. Your task is to build a simple demo that enables a user to share his/her screen with another user without using the internet. The technology to be used here is Bluetooth and Wifi ... Similar to the technology behind airdrop. It should allow one user to broadcast his/her screen to a local audience. NB: No sound is required for the initial demo
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Bluetooth Controller
Company name: Nelbac Private Limited Job Role Summary: This role is to cover the in-house design solutions for Nelbac using mobile application development skill
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App For Bluetooth
We want to develop Bluetooth based android app to talk to our hardware device. The data transfer from device to app and app to device is thru Bluetooth. App should provide connection and search to the device and the GUI of the app should be used to configure the device in such a way that there should be a handshake for each data to and from the app. The app basically sends the config data from the user to the…
Full Description of App for Bluetooth
Communication Between 2 Arduinos Via Bluetooth
This is a software project. The deliverable is some code for an Arduino. We expect that it's an easy project if you've done work with Arduino's and Bluetooth before :-) We want to set up communication between 2 Arduino Nano 33 BLEs via Bluetooth. We'll have 2 computers. Each computer with have an Arduino Nano 33 BLE attached to it. When we type something into the Serial Monitor input in the Arduino IDE on Computer 1, it should appear on…
Full Description of Communication between 2 Arduinos via Bluetooth
Reading Data From A Device Via Bluetooth
I have a device, that measures some data when it's on head, it transmits that data to a specific app via bluetooth (3.0 - not BLE as far as I know).. I want to make an app of my own, that uses the same device to gather the data and for now just show it on the screen.. I'm a programmer myself but never worked with bluetooth before, so I'm looking for someone who's experienced with Bluetooth technology and reading…
Full Description of Reading data from a device via bluetooth
Sensors States
Hi, i'm currently developping a proximity sensor network. This network include - for now - 3 sensors nodes. But, i wish to build more. So i need an IHM : That is why i need an Android App (later i will need his Apple counterpart). This application will received data from bluetooth Serial Port Profile and will have to decode the datas frames - that are in hex format. The datas frames includes simples messages in 3-4 letters and geolocalization…
Full Description of Sensors States
Xamarin Developer
We require to integrate different things like bluetooth and all with xamarin.
Full Description of Xamarin Developer
React Native Print To Brother Printer
React Native Print to Brother Printer, has to support these models ( ESC/P Brother RJ-4030Ai Brother RJ-4230B) USING REACT 0.64 (OR NEWEST VERSION OF REACT NATIVE) I would prefer to use a bluetooth serial plugin.
Full Description of React Native Print to Brother Printer
Help In Running A Python Project On Raspberry Pi 4
Hi, I need help in running the github repo: I would like to run it on Raspberry Pi 4 with RaspianOS x64 Thank you, Michael
Full Description of Help in running a Python project on Raspberry…
Demo > Android Hfp Client App
The job is to create a Bluetooth HFP Client demo app developed on Android Studio and for Android 6.0. You will use BluetoothHeadsetClient. There is a demo on Github that you can use but you need to create a step by step guid decribing how I can compile it on the latest Android studio and any update modifification needed github > /lbdroid/HFPClient
Full Description of DEMO > Android HFP client app
Can Bootloader Development -- 2
Embedded Software Engineer / Embedded Systems Engineer. ONLY EU CANDIDATES Job: CAN Bootloader Development The job entails developing a bootloader in C for an Automotive product. The bootloader should: • be updatable over CAN (through UART) • be stable • support UDS commands Write by Identifier, Read by Identifier This will be an initial bootloader, and as such will not need to support update hashing and encryption at this time. These features will be added at a later time. We…
Full Description of CAN Bootloader Development -- 2
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