Financial Forecasting

Public Reporting Framework -- 2
I would like to create a report template to provide investor insights into the operating company and assets under management for a monthly summary and quarterly report to be publicly shared for the crypto-currency company project. It should work similar to traditional valuation materials, however, we want a simplified version. We can discuss fixed/hourly rate during our exploratory discussions. Regards,
Full Description of Public Reporting FrameWork -- 2
Forecasting Contact Center Calls For The Next Whole Week In Excel
Hello, I need something in excel where i have 3 column.. 1) date 2) Forecast calls 3) Actual received calls. I need to forecast on friday for the next whole week based on previous data in Excel. I have tried using the 3 ways.. 1) =forecast.ets 2) Create forecast option in excel 3) Manualy identify trends. I need someone who can help me find a way so that it csn automatically give me best forecast for the upcoming week. It's…
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Asesor De Finanzas, Plan De Inversión A Medio Y Largo Plazo Para Compensar Inflación.
Necesitaría el asesoramiento de una persona experta en finanzas, planes de inversión o administración de empresas, para estructurar un plan de inversión a medio y largo plazo dividido una parte en bonos del estado que ofrecen una baja rentabilidad pero riesgo reducido, otra parte en un portfolio de empresas tecnológicas con previsiones al alza entre 10 - 15 años y otra parte en fondos índice. También se valorará propuesta para pequeña parte del depósito en plataformas de riesgo como gestores…
Full Description of Asesor de Finanzas, Plan de Inversión a medio…
Nasdaq Ghost Robot V3 Pro For Sale.please Dm
Nasdaq robot v3 pro is a robot that trades the forex market for reads the market itself and trade it according to the signal given to also comes with risk management,stop loss and take profits. Dm Me for More Prove..??
Full Description of NASDAQ Ghost Robot V3 Pro for sale.please dm
Modeling Terminal Asset Value
Attached is the equation which shows the initial model of the terminal asset value with the assumption that r is a risk-free rate. Now, I would like to change the assumption and make it with a risky variable. I would need following: 1. Develop an optimal investment strategy of initial capital X into risky assets. 2. Study a method for predicting the payoffs of the strategy. 3. Numerical prediction of methods 4. Compare risk-free vs risky
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Project Report For Oil Manufacturing Unit
A sole proprietorship firm is starting an oil manufacturing unit in India. We need a project report with production and sales schedule, cost of production, working capital requirements, ratio and other analysis, and a brief write-up about the industry with swot analysis. The basic data for preparing the project report will be provided like quotations of machinery and civil construction and other location and scale regarding information. Need the report urgently. Some experience and knowledge about the industry would be…
Full Description of Project Report for Oil manufacturing unit
Finance Expert Needed
We are looking to hire a finance expert who is capable to do financial modelling and analysis . Must have excellent Excel and financial results interpretation skills.
Full Description of Finance expert Needed
I have data for some ongoing prices, and I like to forecast the price in next few months. The data is time series for multiple features. The data and the exact requirement will be sent after discussion.
Full Description of Forecasting
Commercial Bank Financial Modelling
You need to forecast next 3 years and take historical of last 5 years and create a financial model from scratch considering credit perspective. Task needs to be completed in 3 days. If Interested please apply or ping me directly and will discuss.
Full Description of Commercial Bank Financial Modelling
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