Business Management

Looking For A Chinese Business Partner
I have a lot of clients for high quality designer replicas. I already have good suppliers, what I need is someone willing to act as a middle man between my clients and suppliers. I’m looking for someone willing to take orders from my clients, accept their money and pay the suppliers with it, someone who makes sure that the orders are right and well shipped. I need a trustable partner since the person i’ll chose will be handling a lot…
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Plagiarism Removal/human Editors
project paper 3 chapters has 64% plagiarism. Human editors only no software 1. remove the Plagiarism... rewrite / paraphrase into unique content
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Account Manager - Ft Sales Position
Title: Account Manager Location: Worldwide Direct Report: VP Job Description: We are looking for a full-time, fast learning and detail-oriented person with Account Management experience serving a specific B2B market. Candidates will be expected to build long term relationships with customers as well as to grow the business with new leads that the company provides are ongoing. Responsibilities include pitching products and services, maintaining accounts, renewing accounts, finding the right contacts at various companies and maintaining the business on a…
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Outsourcing Human Resources Strategy And Day To Day Work
I have a small business which is outsourcing Human Resources management, and i need someone who can help me make a work plan that i can do for my customers. Such as, what should i do daily for their employees and services.We do our work remotely with our customers so i need a strategy and day to day work to be focused on working through email or whatsapp or mobile app.
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Looking For A Business Manager
I have been on multiple verticals and I couldn’t make time for some of my other verticals, i want a partner/manager (females) who is interested to work with me.
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Report Writing -- 2
Looking for someone who can write a report of 5000 words, should be aware of APA 6th ed Harvard style referencing, academic writing, a person with International Strategic Management knowledge is preferred.
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Group Exec Assistant
We are looking for an experienced, diligent, hard working and precise EA for a Venture Capital firm. The things to note: 1. You will work with several time zones so it would be good if you know how to schedule meetings and accommodate for changing schedules 2. We are a group of ridiculously busy people and would like someone who can work independently. 3. We work weird hours. You won't need to, but probably there will be times when we…
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Business Management Project
I would like someone to assist with the completion of this business management project. Parts 3 and 4 only.
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Set Up For My Business And Help Me Automatize And Structure My Business
Hi there! We are enterpreneurs, pretty new at creating a company. We have a pets therapy clinic with patients and we also sell many products in 2 websites. We need to have everything coordinated in one place because right now everything is a mess. We need help to coordinate inventory, shipping, clients agenda and needs, calendars and we need to automatize because everything's manual and the info is in different places.
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Financial Analysis Of Bae Systems Plc
working on the introduction, Worldwide economy overview, relationship of economic variables to stock market index, arms industry analysis, characteristics of the arms industry, about the company, the company goals, future plans, competition
Full Description of Financial Analysis of BAE Systems PLC
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