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Configure Cisco Layer 3 Switch
Relatively small job: I need someone to provide a config file for a Cisco Catalyst 3750 that I can load. Functional requirements: 1. Must incorporate 3 general-use VLANS: DATA HOME-AV HOME-SECURITY 2. Must incorporate 1 management VLAN 3. Computers on each VLAN must not be able to talk to computers in another VLAN, but all computers on all VLANs must be able to connect to the Internet 4. Connected devices must be able to obtain an IP address from the…
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Technical Business Analyst (xero Integration)
GoodHuman is a SAAS platform for Australia's disability sector connecting people who want and need support services with the people and organisations that provide it. Our connected operating system for disability organisations allow them to streamline their internal processes and connect more deeply with their clients. GoodHuman replaces many of the legacy systems that disability organisations use today including CRMs, rostering, incident reporting, document management, e-sign tools, and online bookings. GoodHuman has an automated billing engine that generates and processes…
Full Description of Technical Business Analyst (Xero Integration)
Technical Analyst Needed To Review Api And Integration Documentation Of Ecommerce Platforms
We're looking to hire a remote Technical Analyst who is capable of reviewing eCommerce API and integration documentation and outlining an initial approach for use in development plans. The ideal person should have strong technical skills and good writing abilities with experience in connecting to APIs. Preference will be given to those who also have an understanding of 'embedded integration apps'.
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Automated Document Creation Using Google Apps Script -- 2
We are looking for an experienced Google Apps Script developer to help us create an automated document from google sheets data. The steps we want automated are as follows: Generate a Google Document from a template document and populate it with some data from a Google sheet. As well as inserting relevant fields there will be sections of the document that will be conditional upon the data in the Google other words sections may be included or omitted depending…
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Hazard Are Classification
Appreciate your urgent support by sending a technical and commercial proposal included all required information. *SOW* 1- An engineering review and update if needed is required for existing hazardous area classification of gas compression Stations area (According to relevant standards such as/ but not limited to IEC 60079-10-10, etc....). 2-An engineering study, design is required for the suitable explosion proof pressurisation system for the control room (continer 42") to keep the room safe from any gasses entry from hazardous area.…
Full Description of Hazard are classification
Compilar Información En Internet Para Un Curso De Tecnología. -- 2
Necesitaría una labor de compilación de información en internet sobre un tema tecnológico sobre el que hay que impartir un curso. Se necesita idioma español y solamente manejo de internet. Los temas a compliar son: - TEMA 1: AUTOMATIZACIÓN Y ROBOTICA INDUSTRIAL o Fases en la automatización de procesos o Hardware industrial para la automatización y robótica o El ciclo de trabajo y su programación software
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Virtual Assistance To Setup Platform
Virtual Assistance for 1) Setup freshdesk and 2) Help review and update the Operation Manual 3) Assist on documentations matters.
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Asesoria Balanced Scorecard
Necesito Asesor para guiar informe de proyecto relacionado con BSC. Mas información por mensaje privado para aclarar cualquier consulta.
Full Description of Asesoria Balanced ScoreCard
Web Development Project Manager
Hi there, Our company is looking for a project manager to look after our existing and upcoming web development projects. Requirement: 1) Knowledge in Python, SQL, AWS. 2) Experienced in web app development. 3) Able to create and read documentation.
Full Description of Web Development Project Manager
Rust To Fill Pdf Template
I need someone who is familiar with Rust to use any of the pdf crates to open an existing template and fill in data at the necessary points in the document and save the output.
Full Description of Rust to fill PDF Template
Translations For A User Manual
We need some who is technical translator that can translate and rewrite words from english to their native languages new freelancers are allowed to bid..
Full Description of Translations for a User manual
Write Work Instructions For Engineering Projects
Write work instructions for engineering projects Fast-paced, high-pressure, start-up work environment Need excellent communication skills (verbal and written) Familiarity with engineering terms
Full Description of Write Work Instructions for Engineering projects
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