Editorial Writing

Volver A Escribir Un Documento
Tengo un PDF que se debe escribir para reemplazar / editar texto. Necesitaré 2 archivos editados.
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Freelance Press Release Writer Needed For One2en Marketing
Our growing Marketing firm is in need of a talented writer to draft and edit press release writing for our clients. Industries can be different, but mostly, it is healthcare or FMCG. But in general, the industries keep changing. The ideal candidate will be an expert wordsmith and storyteller that can showcase our client’s mission and vision in a compelling way. The successful applicant will be a team player that’s ready to give and receive feedback. You should be a…
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تلخيص كتاب رحلة تاريخية عدد 240 صفحة
نحتاج الى تلخيص كتاب تاريخي عبارة عن رحلة برية قام بها كاتب الكتاب وعبر تقريبا 13قرية من قرى ومدن في الجزيرة العربية
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Re-typy Pdf Into Word
I have a PDF that needs to be type in order to replace/edit some text. I will need 2 files edited.
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Content & Editorial Writing For Specifics
I've been tasked with the daunting burden of carefully retyping my editors' articles concerning different topics ranging the current situation of Cold blooded homicide happening in our streets and alleys today to the blatant and obvious corruption of the government and the inability of the people in society to do anything tangible about it. I must admit the work load is a lot for me which is why I seek the help of a freelancer of which English is his/her…
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Correccion Ortografica Y Gramatical De Un Libro Cristiano De 58 Paginas De Word
Necesito a un profesional en edicion de libros y novelas para la correccion ortografica y gramatical de un libro cristiano de 58 paginas de word. El libro consta de 32.500 palabras y 181.000 caracteres con espacio. No quiero a alguien que este aprendiendo o jugando a ser un editor, necesito a alguien con experiencia. Valor maximo a pagar 50 USD.
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Editing Technical/engineering Text By A Native English Speaker
Dear Freelancers, I need the assistance of a NATIVE English speaker for editing a text to improve the quality. The freelancer should be familiar with technical documentation. The text is a short technical description of different aspects of engineering. This text will be published on a website, not a scientific journal, and hopefully, this is not the final text of this series of jobs. If you need some technical explanation, I would be happy to explain the main core of…
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Needed ! Content Writers
we are hiring 2-3 content writers to include in our team , we require this type of content see below and we may ask question based on these articles so read it well, it will be your test before hiring ,we are offering full time job to 2-3 content writers https://startup.yourkut.com/underrated/fmcg-business-model/ https://startup.yourkut.com/underrated/5-cred-case-study/ https://startup.yourkut.com/pitching-for-startups/7-investor-pitching/ good luck
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литературная обработка текста книги с увеличением объема.
Доброго времени суток! На 4 годовщину свадьбы готовлю подарок для супруги - книгу. Книгу - воссозданную по своим воспоминаниям/запискам/письмам от начала отношений по сей день. 2010 - 2021. Объемом в 100 страниц. Что требуется: 1. Литературная обработка имеющегося текста с увеличением объёма. количество слов: 5900 количество знаков (с пробелами): 35300 2. Дописать 3 главы завершающие книгу по 7-10 страниц на 1 главу.
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Un Nuevo "look And Feel" Para Nuestro Sitio Web En Wix Especializado En Blockchain Y Criptomonedas!
Queremos un Nuevo "LOOK AND FEEL" para nuestro sitio web en WIX especializado en BLOCKCHAIN y Criptomonedas! Queremos crear un sitio web sólido y escalable que monetice nuestra audiencia mediante cursos online. Requerimientos: - Administración de nuestro sitio web. - Re Diseño de nuestro Sitio Web basado en la Línea Gráfica de Nuestro Nuevo Logotipo. - Creación de las Paginas de Aterrizaje para cada uno de nuestros servicios. - Redactar un articulo al día especializado en blockchain y criptomonedas para…
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