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Co2 Laser Set Up
I need to hire someone to set up a co2 laser 60w. Align mirrors, set up autofocus as well as the laser red light guide that is not currently connected. Must be willing to travel to my location. Laser works great it was recently moved and just needs to be set up. Located in Coldwater MS outside of the Memphis TN area
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Industrial Machine Control Panel Ui Design
We need a user interface designer with some experience creating control-panel -type UIs for shop-floor machines. We will provide you (the winning bidder) with screenshots of our current prototype, and you will provide us with mock-ups and advice. We'll then translate your mock-up designs into our system and review with you for feedback and adjustments. We will probably want to iterate the feedback/adjustment cycle a few times until we're satisfied. Please show us some samples of your best work! keywords:…
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Farm Implement Design.
We are looking for an engineer who has experience in agricultural implements designing. The job is related to designing a cotton planter that can plant seeds with equal spacing from row to row and plant to plant in the entire field. The planter should be attachable to 40 to 50hp tractors and should be able to match Indian conditions.
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Worldwide Concrete Cutting
Concrete cutting company based in NYC. We do track sawing, wire sawing, and rock splitting.
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Developing Monitoring Data Box From Vessels And Ships
We are looking for Electronic machanical engineers​ that have some experience with collecting machine that can connect to box for monitoring data from vessels
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Plc Machine Engineer
I have filling Machine connected to PLC , we have an issue with the machine PLC i am looking for PLC machine engineer to check the machine and fix the program , he must be located in Sydney to com install it
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Dirnk Vending Machine
Need to construct a drink vending machine as common as every where if you are worth it I will hire you, Thank you
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Labourers In Fish And Seafood Processing
Labourers in fish and seafood processing perform clean-up, packaging, material handling and other elemental activities related to fish and seafood processing. They are employed in fish and seafood processing and packaging plants. Job duties - Unload fish and shellfish from fishing vessels and transport them by hand or forklift truck to work area in fish processing plant - Immerse fresh fish fillets in brine solution to condition them for wrapping or freezing Weigh fish or shellfish, record weight and pack…
Full Description of Labourers in fish and seafood processing
Fish And Seafood Plant Workers
Fish and seafood plant workers set up and operate machinery to process and package fish and seafood products. Fish and seagood plant cutters and cleaners cut, trim and clean fish or seafood by hand. They are employed in fish and seafood processing plants. Job duties - Fish and seafood plant machine operators - Set up and operate machines to clean, cut, cook, smoke, brine, dehydrate or otherwise process fish or seafood products - Set up and operate machines to can,…
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Pozyskanie Zleceń Na Wyrób Przedmiotów/obiektów Stalowych-spawanych
Poszukuję osób, zdolnych do pozyskania i wyceny zleceń polegających na wyrobie produktów metalowych spawanych. Interesują mnie prace dotyczące budowy lini technologicznych/produkcyjnych, budowa kontenerów morskich/mieszkalnych/budowlanych/na odpady, maszyn przemysłowych, słupów, masztów, oraz maszyn rolniczych. Potrzebuję osoby kompetentnej oraz zdolnej do obsługi i pozyskania ważnych zleceń, owocna współpraca będzie dodatkowo nagradzana. Projekt ma na celu rozwój nowopowstałej firmy.
Full Description of Pozyskanie zleceń na wyrób przedmiotów/obiektów stalowych-spawanych
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