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Selección De Materiales
Hola, estoy en las etapas finales de la construcción de mi casa, pero ocupo ayuda con la selección de algunos materiales, como los porcelanatos de los pisos, azulejos de los baños, encimeras de la cocina, fachaletas de las columnas, colores de las paredes tanto exteriores como interiores Hay algunos elementos que ya están seleccionados, como la puerta principal, ventanas y la tablilla plástica del cielo raso, por lo cual lo otros elementos deben combina con estos Yo les facilitaría diferentes…
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Need Fengshui Consultation To View My House Plan
need fengshui consultation to view my house plan cause currently my kitchen plan is below master bedroom that i heard it is bad for fengshui thanks
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My Company Project
My Company Project My Company Project My Company Project. Do not bid.
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Fengshui Home Consultation
Fengshui consultation for multi-level family home that includes recommendations/solutions for any potential imbalances. Looking forward to discussing further.
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Feng Shui Consultant For House Design
I need an expert in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui techniques to help us design our house according to Feng Shui rules. We have our Artichets plans for the house and we are looking for an expert to change, adapt our house plan.
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Petroleum Engineer Pe
I am looking for a talented petroleum professional engineer (PE) to help me with an upcoming project. More specifically, I am looking for assistance with a governemnt continuing servcie contract . We have specific goals in mind and expect the project to take more than 2 weeks to complete. If this sounds like a job that might fit your skillset, please reach out to discuss the details and get started.
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