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Diseño De Dormitorio 3 Para Bebe En Camino
Necesito adaptar un dormitorio con aberturas y medidas como se establece en el adjunto Entregables pedidos: - Mobiliario infantil en planta y elevacion en las posibilidades dimensionales - Especificaciones de materiales y contructivas. Melamina y herrajes de calidad - Decoracion de paredes y luminarias
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Building A Browser Based Ebook Reader With Gatsby, Readium, Material Ui
This request is the first step of building an MVP for my product concept. I would like to build a browser-based ebook reader using the open-source ebook standard Readium. To get things up and running quickly I would like to also use Material UI on Gatsby. I have the accounts set up, git is ready with some starter files. Page 1: • See a list of available ebooks, click to select one. Note: ebooks will be stored in the site…
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Puplic Soap
مشروعي هو صناعة منتجات التجميل العضوية مثل الصابون الصلب والكريمي والمقشرات بانواعها والزيوت الطبيعية ومرطب الشفايف
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Create Simple Blank Character(withour Eyes, Nose, Etc) For Ue4
Hello, I need to create a simple character that will be the projection for the hologram with setuped default Unreal Engine Skeleton. This is just a humanoid without a face and specific features. In UE4, he must have a customizable material intance (for this part, I will already give most of the work done)
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Furnishing A Hvof Coating Shop
I am going to purchase all hardware required for furnishing a HVOF coating shop and need a freelancer to assemble the components and commission it. The major hardware are ROBOT, Manipulating Table, Gun, Powder Feeder, Controllers, Jam Box, Booth, heat exchanger, dust collector, etc.
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Furnishing A New Thermal Coating System (hvof)
We are going to purchase all the hardware required for furnishing a HVOF coating booth and need a freelancer to supervise design of the booth, wiring drawings, assembling the components and commissioning the system. We have knowledge of coating process and can provide work piece, consumables, fixtures and programing for running trial coating jobs. The major hardware are ROBOT, Manipulator Table with Tilt Axis (MTT), HVOF Torches (JP5000), Powder Feeders, Controllers, Jam Box, Booth, Heat Exchanger, Dust Collector, Connecting Hoses,…
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I Need An Artist To Make A Cool Piece Of Artwork With Vintage Papers
I am purchasing a bunch of vintage national park pamphlets from the early 1900s. They are mainly in black in white. I want to get a really cool piece of art made out of these. Perhaps add some color or cool materials to it-- I am not exactly sure of the design and I am looking for help with this. It is a gift for someone who loves national parks and abstract art (has Keith Herring art hanging in their…
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Solar Cell Principles, Advances, New Materials Used In Its Production, Applications And Challenges
I want to do independent research about solar cells and to know more about the following goals : 1- principles of the solar cells ( how a solar cell works, different types, current materials, and technology being used for its production, etc ) 2- what are the current applications of solar cells/what could be the future applications of solar cells and challenges 2- what are new advances in the production of solar cells ( new materials and technologies, benefits and…
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Adhesive Chemical Engineer
We are seeking two one-sided 1-3mil films with a different coating on each. Film 1 coating is tacky similar to the adhesive on cellophane tape. Film 2 coating contains an activator. When mated, Film 1 coating becomes "solid" and inert to surface deformation/flow in heat < 200F or when subjected to < 50PSI of pressure. The combined "activated" coatings should destroy if peeled apart. Film 2 coating and substrate to be reasonably optically transparent. Can you assist with this development?
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I Need A Fashion Designer
I design woman’s wear collection, Mainly modist fashion and summer dresses. Looking for a fashion designer to help me design the collection. I am based in Saudi Arabia
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I Need A Fashion Designer -- 2
I design woman’s wear collection, Mainly modist fashion and summer dresses. Looking for a fashion designer to help me design the collection. I am based in Saudi Arabia
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Ceramic Caoting
we need a persons , who can do ceramic coatings to cars,
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Poly Coasters
I want a poly version of each coaster shown, an example of what I want them to look like would be the image in the bottom right. I just want the cart, not the wheels attaching them to the coaster, and only 1 cart of each image, not the whole multiple of the carts (Example would be on bottom left, I just want the 1 not the whole 7). Another request is I want the seats, the railing, and color…
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