Control Engineering

Design Grid- Tied Inverter With Lcl Filter And Lqr Controller Will Be Used In Matlab Platform
I need an expert to design and build and Grid-Tied inverter with LCL Filter and LQR controller IN MATLAB Platform: 1) Provide the full system and sub-system matrix calculations as it will be used later for the next stage project 2) Provide the calculations for PI controller including the decoupling equations 3) Provide the calculations for LCL filter values 4) Provide the Design and calculation for LQR Controller 5) We need to implement noise in the Grid-Side with certain frequency…
Full Description of Design Grid- Tied inverter with LCL Filter and…
Control Task Of Microgrids
Phase 1: These are the specifications of the model to be designed. A) Design and implementation of the ADAPTIVE {Model Reference Adaptive Control OR Adaptive Pole-Placement OR Adaptive Sliding Mode Control etc…. you can check from the ant review paper of ADAPTIVE CONTROLLERE, Front page of the given below as 2014 systems Paper} with complete coding and design parameters. MODEL CONFIGURATION: Electrical system: I. Parallel connected system with 2 DGs II. DG inverter { IGBTs + PWM connections+ LCL Filter…
Full Description of Control task of microgrids
Fuzzy Path Planning
design fuzzy path planning in unknown environment the obstacle in environment is static and dynamic as seen in picture i want as the two picture
Full Description of Fuzzy Path Planning
Asesoria Balanced Scorecard
Necesito Asesor para guiar informe de proyecto relacionado con BSC. Mas información por mensaje privado para aclarar cualquier consulta.
Full Description of Asesoria Balanced ScoreCard
Anfis To Creat Path Planning
Design ANFIS or Optimzation Fuzzy path planning in unknown environment the obstacle in environment is static and dynamic And Using Two wheel Robots with three ultrasonic sensor to detect the obstacle by using MATLAB secrpit to creat the path the paymation by Paypal maximum paymation is 150$ For more information I will send A massage
Full Description of ANFIS to creat Path planning
Photovoltaic System (pv) System Design. Calculations For Pv Water Pumping System
You MUST have PV Design experience and Water Treat Process Expert. Design a PV Water pumping system, which is required to draw 25,000L of water everyday from a depth of 40m.
Full Description of Photovoltaic System (PV) System Design. Calculations for PV…
Build A Simulator Matlab/simulink/octave/python For A Dynamic System (control Systems) Aeromodel Aerocrafts Drone Uav
I need a Simulator for a Dynamic System (Control Systems for Aeromodel Aerocrafts Drone UAV) using which as technologies: - Matlab/Simulink - Octave - Python (slycot/control) The paper example link:
Full Description of Build a Simulator Matlab/Simulink/Octave/Python for a Dynamic System…
Develop Adaptive Control For Quadrotor -- 2
design an adaptive control for UAV with slung load. the NL backstepping control design is completed only the adaptive for slung load is missing.
Full Description of develop adaptive control for quadrotor -- 2
Control System
You should know discrete time control system and linear control system.
Full Description of Control System
Digital Control System
You should know digital Control System very well. Your education should be ms or phd at least for this subject.
Full Description of Digital Control System
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