Acoustical Engineering

Acoustic Engineer To Review Frequency Response Of Speaker From Clio
Looking for an acoustic engineer to review a frequency response of a speaker. The measurements has been done with the software Clio.
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Acoustical Engineer
Seeking an acoustical engineer to Confirm that the proposed equipment locations comply with NYC noise code. The Landlord will require a response on the Consultant's letterhead.
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Aeroacoustic Engineer To Find A Practical Solution To Reduce Aerodynamic Noise Of A New Product
We need a professional aeroacoustics engineer with a good experience in practical solutions for reducing the aerodynamic noise. Noise in our product (an air conditioner) is produced mainly from high speed air flow within a small gap, and of-course increasing gap is not possible. The solution provided should be practical and suitable for mass production. Noise should be less than 65 dB at the end, while until now it's about 70 dB. You should provide a CFD simulation on any…
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Help Me Design And Tune The Acoustics Of A Custom Open-back Headphone
Hi. I'm an audio hobbyist looking to pursue the ideal of designing and building an entry-level high fidelity headphone from scratch. My goal with this project is to be able to produce a few batches of  headphones for friends and family, and to potentially sell online. Since starting this endeavour with a handful of sketches a while ago I've discovered through research that the acoustical engineering involved is far beyond the capacity of my high school maths and physics. This…
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Home Cinemas E2e Design Dolby Atmos
Looking for a sound/Acoustic design engineer who can help us with the E2E design for my home cinemas..
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Design Pcb For A Sound Level Meter
We are looking for an experienced electronics engineer to design a PCB for a sound level meter. We will provide a basic schematic design, the performance and design specifications, and product codes for some of the key components. You will have prior experience in DSP and acoustics, ideally in design of an existing sound level meter, as well as skills in design of PCB and firmware development.
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Sound Measurement App
We are looking for the development of an Android App for the measurement of sound pressure level with certain parameters. The main feature of App includes calibration using an external calibrator and result values LAeq, LC peak, Lmin, Lmax, L10, L50, L90. The rest of the customization can be discussed at our contact number and Email ID.
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Method Of Characteristics (moc) Code Development For Fluid Flow
- Please do not bid if you are not familiar with MOC code - Please do not bid if you want to work without accepting the project - Please send message to know in detail
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Acoustic Signal Detection Script For A Single Board Computer (sbc)
Looking for a software script to detect a specific acoustic signal (North Atlantic Right Whale upcall) from a live hydrophone recording. The hydrophone is connected to the Single Board Computer (i.e. Raspberry Pi) via a soundcard. The script needs to detect if a upcall was present, if so, when, and then control AT commands to a connected communication device. I do have the hydrophone, preamp, soundcard, Raspberry Pi, and external communication device (for the AT commands) all hooked up and…
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Mix A Song
Hello I'm planning on starting a YouTube channel for covers. I need someone to mix properly the instrumentals with the vocals. I need someone who is familiar with acoustic mix and mastering. With a good ear. If it s someone with a little knowledge of the north african music style it s a plus. Contact me for more info
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