Fraud Detection

Wanted: College Student Or Graduate, For Payment Checks, Customer Service And Others In Japanese Company
- About us We are a Japanese company named Kiheitai that manages a crowdfunding platform and a social network application - What we need We are offering a long-term position to do remote work from your country, consisting of customer support and some moderation activities. - What is the job about? ・Replying inquiries of users of our application ・Checking payments on our crowdfunding platform ・Some moderation activities in our application - Characteristics of the position ・Work time: About 4~5 hours…
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Accounting Fraud Hierarchy Paper
I need someone who has knowledge about accounting fraud in order to fix a paper I have written. It's going to be a minor fixing.
Full Description of Accounting Fraud hierarchy paper
Web App For Document Verification
Simple project: build a web application/platform for verifying and authenticating identity and police report documents. 1 task/feature - just verify authentic document.
Full Description of Web app for document verification
Fraud Detection Tool Development
Have you made any software related to the AdTech industry, for communication or any SAAS software or any automated software, any tracking or fraud detection software? If yes then chat with us to know more about the opportunities.
Full Description of Fraud detection tool development
Help To Fight Against Sextortion
I need someone to help me set up google alerts, build in better data security, look out and delete content that might come up in the search
Full Description of Help to fight against sextortion
Looking For A Lawyer Or Paralegal
Looking for a lawyer or paralegal familiar with Californian civil law. I need help in pleadings writing, precautionary measures.
Full Description of Looking for a lawyer or paralegal
Analyze Several Invoices To Assess Whether Fraudulant
Brief: Analyze several potentially fraudulent invoices by cross comparing the invoice details with information about the suspected fraudulent actors. Notes: Involves the fraudulent use of government money through a kickback scheme.
Full Description of Analyze Several Invoices to Assess Whether Fraudulant
Article On Payroll Fraud
i need an article on Payroll Fraud in the following sequence:- a. Background b. Causes of Payroll fraud c. Statistics on Payroll fraud (from ACFE Report to Nations) d. Consequences e. Steps to be taken to prevent payroll fraud
Full Description of Article on Payroll Fraud
Article On "fraud In Insurance Industry"
a. Summary b. types of Insurance fraud c. statistics on fraud d. causes and consequences of fraud e. steps to be taken to prevent fraud
Full Description of Article on "Fraud in Insurance Industry"
I Need A Certified Ethical Hacker To Help Recover Hacked/stolen Discord Accounts
There has been an anonymous hacker targeting my school's club discord server. So far upwards of 3 students' personal accounts have been stolen, with one confirmed having their bank account compromised. We don't know where they came from or who's account was the first to be hit, but we know that the programs used were named: Umbrella_Installer.exe, Umbrella_Jump.exe, and Umbrella_PLUGIN.exe. An IRL friend of the first known victim contacted him via discord, started up a full conversation about game design,…
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Companies With Financial Fraud Cases
I need a list of companies with a financial fraud case in the past. Such as hacking attempts, fake invoices, non-compliant with sanction screenings etc. / such information are usually provided via the annual report or, in the case of listed companies, probably even via ad-hoc announcements.
Full Description of Companies with financial fraud cases
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