Scientific Writing

Check And Correct If Necessary A Text
I wrote a text on the physics topic, but I am not very confident in my language skills in this field, so I need someone to read my text and give me overall feedback and correct it if its needed. Text is 1285 words and about electromagnetic theory of light.
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Research Review Writing In Biology
I need to write my review article. The article should be strictly pleasurism free. Only 20% pleasurism is allowed. Further article should be strictly as per given headings and key words.
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I work as a translator of texts from English and French to Arabic from home. Currently, I work in my country “Egypt” as a free translator for several texts, and these are scientific, political, legal and religious texts at good prices. Also I have the ability to write an entire article in correct English on all different topics i hope that we will cooperate together.
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Lead Generation/chemical Sciences
I need some help with finding some leads. You need to generate a list with names and email addresses from STEM scientists working in academia or industry who might be interested in ball Mills and related products
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Estudio Beneficios Y Usos Limones, Naranjas Y Pomelos
Soy un agricultor de cítricos y estoy buscando a un profesional con conocimientos para que haga un informe o estudio o investigación sobre los beneficios y los distintos usos que tienen los limones, naranjas y pomelos. Requiero que el informe explique detalladamente los beneficios de toda índole (Ej salud, sanidad, desinfección, etc.) su forma de uso, para qué se usan, como se usan, recetas, productos que los contengan y de que forma, estudios e investigaciones existentes, etc., sobre estas frutas.…
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I Made A Big Tcs Discovery. I Want You To Write The Algorithm In Details And Calculate Compexity
I want a full-featured complete TCS research article implementing my algorithm idea (and calculating its complexity). I think, it will be just about 3 pages. If you even publish it (under my name, not yours), I may pay a little more. So, I invented a data structure and algorithm to copy objects of any size in zero time (well, apparently logarithm of the number of the object in the "store" or "filesystem"). The algorithm idea is described in a comment…
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Redacción Y Revisión: Ensayos, Artículos Científicos, Proyectos, Papers.
IDIOMA ESPAÑOL Experiencia en proyectos y escritura de investigación científica Análisis crítico Redacción de texto científico Coherencia en la estructura del texto y manejo correcto de los verbos Conocimiento de normas APA Conocimiento en tecnología educativa Excelente Ortografía y redacción Autenticidad de escritura (sin plagios) Uso de software anti plagio, para verificar que sea 100% original Proponer encuestas para levantamiento información IDIOMA ESPAÑOL
Full Description of Redacción y revisión: Ensayos, artículos científicos, proyectos, papers.
Medical And Scientific Literature Search
Need two literature searches accomplished across medical/scientific platforms: pubmed, cochrane, CINAHL, EMBASE, or others. I will provide a list of keywords and linked keywords for two seperate searches. Must have experience with formal scientific/medical literature review papers and access to search databases.
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I Need A Neuroscience/scientific Writer For A Literature Review - Parkinson’s Disease & Biomarkers
I am validating candidate plasma biomarkers for Parkinson's disease, measuring concentration levels in PD patients vs controls via ELISA. I need someone to research/write/draft a concise but thorough review of the relevant literature which explains the background to the current study. There is also the option to thoroughly edit my draft and write new content where necessary. Background/Literature review 1500 - 2000 words.
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μετάφραση επιστημονικού άρθρου από αγγλικά σε ελληνικά
χρειάζομαι μια μετάφραση 6 σελίδων ενός επιστημονικού άρθρου (περιεχόμενο φαρμακευτικό-χημικό) όχι ελεύθερη μετάφραση, όχι μετάφραση από σάιτ, σε word σε 1-2 μέρες
Full Description of μετάφραση επιστημονικού άρθρου από Αγγλικά σε Ελληνικά
Translation Of The Documents From English Into Czech
It is necessary to translate two documents from English into Czech (350 and 430 words), including tables and diagrams. Only native speakers are considered.
Full Description of Translation of the documents from English into Czech
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