Environmental Science

Build A Software / Plug-in That Can Calculate Email / Video Conferencing Carbon Emissions -- 2
Build a Software / Plug-in that can calculate Email / Video Conferencing Carbon Emissions Each email sent requires electricity which contributes to carbon emissions. Job is to build a software or plug-in that can be connected to regularly used email servers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) and other email servers. This software/plug-in show be able to dynamically assess the electricity cost, server usage, data center and related information regarding sending an email from an individual's current location and the associated information by…
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I Need A Speech Writer
An informative speech on forest fires, the causes, and effects of them. Needs to be 5-6 minutes long. strictly informative, needs 5 credible sources written into the speech for supporting evidence and sources need to be cited in MLA format,
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Creación De Curso Virtual De Ciencias (biología, Zoología, Veterinaria, Química)
Buscamos un profesional con conocimientos de ciencias (Biología, Zoología, Veterinaria, Química, Ingeniería Ambientala) para crear un curso virtual del tema de su especialidad. El curso debe contener idealmente de 3 a 4 módulos (cada uno compuesto por 3 lecciones). La estructura EJEMPLO: Módulo 1: Introdución (máx 30 minutos) - Video de bienvenida al curso (máx 3 minutos explicando tu formación, CV, experiencia y de qué trata el curso) -Clase 1: Desarrollo del concepto básico -Clase 2: Fundamentos -Clase 3: Ejemplos…
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Envi Data Research
I have ASD data of 9 returns from each sample. 5 samples. I need really short work. someone who have the Envi software of Harris... I need just to get graph with the 5 samples after average of the 9 returns and then make continue removal. I need the ref. graph and the first.d graph.
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Discussion Response
In 300-400 words answer the following Do you believe that global warming from enhanced natural greenhouse effect caused at least partly by human activities is a serious problem or one that has been greatly exaggerated? Explain Would you favor building more nuclear power plants to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions? Why or why not?
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National Greenhouse Gas Co2_ece_tool
See attached folder, I can put all data on ECE tools which I have free access and after 24-48 hours analysis and results will be available. ok, so let me know please for scope 3 which factors (electricity, steel ….) and how much for each factors I should put in ECE tool
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Enviormental Biology Chapter Summary And Questions
Read a chapter from environmental biology textbook and write a 1.5-2 page summary of the chapter, and answer review questions from the end of the chapter
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Environmental Testing Video Transcription
Watch two videos that I will provide on environmental concerns/testing and write a one page detailed transcription/ summary on those two videos
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National Greenhouse Gas Co2_ece_tool2
See attached folder, First we need to say what we must Input in ECE tool, see attached Images from ECE tool. Next folder has task and sample excel sheet showing some data Finally when client shares Results after Running ECE tool, we need to write a 15 pages report using them , and explain ECE tool. I can put all data on ECE tools which I have free access and after 24-48 hours analysis and results will be available. ok,…
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