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Amazon Audio Book Publishing
Hello - I'm excited to publish an audiobook of our paperback. I have high-quality recordings of each of the chapters, etc. I need to have these files assembled into the Amazon Audio Book Format to sell alongside the paperback version. Thanks.
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Need To Upload An Ebook In Amazon
We have an Amazon book done which is hardly 12 pages and its having most of the graphic elements. We need someone who can post the book in Amazon eBook. The images are getting distorted or we dont know the correct formatting, so we need an expert to upload the eBook.
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Pubblicazione Libri Sul Web - Lingua Inglese
Salve, siamo un azienda di Book Publishing. Stiamo cercando dei collaboratori per il lungo termine da inserire nel nostro team. Il tutto è davvero semplice. Consiste nel pubblicare i nostri libri (inserendo dati come titolo, sottotitolo, copertine, misura del libro, categoria etc.) in varie piattaforme di publishing presenti nel web. Il processo è molto veloce ed intuitivo da imparare e sarà spiegato tramite delle brevissime video lezioni. E' fondamentale essere a conoscenza della lingua inglese. Non richiediamo di certo di…
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Help Me Promote My Book
I am a new author, and I just published my first e-book on Kindle. I need help in marketing, generating more traffic, and of course boosting my sales and profile. Give me a pitch, and we'll see if we're a fit. Thank you!
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Book Promotion
I need a kindle kindle book reviewer for my new book
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Looking For Book Cover Designers
LOOKING FOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Hello everyone, we are making this announcement because we are looking for freelance graphic designers who can work with us on an ongoing basis. Our company deals mainly with the creation of book covers, but also creative advertising on social media and landing pages. We are looking for young people (preferably under 30) who are passionate about the world of graphic design and want to grow mentally and otherwise. We need collaborators who can create mainly…
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Proof Read Ebook
Hello, I am looking forward someone to proof read my ebook for and grammar errors. I am not looking for the wording or verbiage to be changed . I am looking for someone to simply jot down any errors they see. This work is copyrighted so plz do not share or attempt to resale my information.
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Pdf To Epub For Nook (barnes & Noble)
I would like a PDF converted into an epub for Nook, to be used on Barnes and Noble. It must follow the B&N guidelines:
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Ebook Cover And Support To Get Ebook Onto Amazon
Book is completed, but I need a book cover firstly. Secondly, it would be good to find somebody who can help me get the book formatted and onto Amazon.
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When Separated For Glory Sends You Running For Cover
I am the Author of The Flight of Kurrawurra - An Australian Odyssey that has been just released in June 2021. I am currently working on my second book. It is a non-fiction memoir that continues from the ending chapters of my first book . You will see the book cover on my first book . The second book takes you through ancient lands like Patmos Island, Greece and the Seven Church Ages of the ancient remains of the ancient…
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Format A .docx Or Pdf Into An Epub Or Compatible To Sell On Amazon
HI there I have a 35 page, 5000 word ebook I've written which is downloadable on my website. I would like to place this on Amazon, Smashwords and similar, but it's not formatted correctly. I need someone with EXPERIENCE to format this book to it's in a compatible form (such as epub) to upload to Amazon, Smashwords and similar platforms. The book has a lot of images in it. So I would like a quote to format it a) as…
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Fiction Kindle Children Book
Hello, I'm considering getting a children's Kindle eBook writing.. The description would be based on teaching kids how to learn about money but in a very fun way and by using animal characters and an island scenery... I just need you to include placeholders in the book for them. I plan to publish on Amazon KDP so I'm assuming the formatting has to be near perfect The Title is *The Amazing Journey to Crypto Island!* "The Journey Begins!" This will…
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