Children Book Illustration

Material Didáctico
Crear material didáctico (con imágenes educativas) para niños
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Infancia Sana
Infancia Educada es una serie documental animada y didáctica que aspira a constituirse como una herramienta que facilite la visibilizarían de contenidos de Educación Sexual Integral dedicada a la primera infancia mediante animaciones llamativas. Buscamos a alguien que pueda presupuestar cuanto saldría hacer 5 capítulos de 20 minutos cada uno aproximadamente. Buscamos una animación llamativa para niños pero dentro de un marco educativo, no buscamos hacer una caricatura infantil pero tampoco buscamos hacer una animación muy seria, sino que sepa…
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Hippo Illustrations
Would like to find an illustrator to produce colorful illustrations for a children's book about a hippo. The book will be bilingual in both English and Swahili. Would like the illustrations to have a fun and simultaneously indigenous African-continent feeling.
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Ilustrador Para Instagram
Busco persona que sepa realizar ilustraciones para acompañar poemas en post de instagram. Adjunto algunas imágenes del tipo de ilustraciones que me gustaría tener
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Children Book Illustration
Illustrator needed for a bilingual (Spanish) short story book with a 6-8 page coloring book at the end of the story. The story is based on a 3 yr old boy and his love for his dog Tata who has passed away and becomes an "Alebrije". The story talks about Dia De Los Muertos, a Mexican family tradition to honor our ancestors and our beloveds who have passed on to their next life.
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Fiction Kindle Children Book
Hello, I'm considering getting a children's Kindle eBook writing.. The description would be based on teaching kids how to learn about money but in a very fun way and by using animal characters and an island scenery... I just need you to include placeholders in the book for them. I plan to publish on Amazon KDP so I'm assuming the formatting has to be near perfect The Title is *The Amazing Journey to Crypto Island!* "The Journey Begins!" This will…
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Digital Illustration For Novel Cover
Hello, I need digital illustration for novel cover, The novel is called Infernum. The basic idea of the story is an Earth starship travels to a planet called Infernum near the black hole at the center of the galaxy. Their mission is to stop robots called “aughts” from creating a bomb that can destroy the Earth. I can imagine a cover image that continues around to the back. If you were to lay the entire thing flat the back side…
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Children’s Book Illustrator
Looking for a young children’s book author - ages 5-8. For a piece I’m writing, looking for something rich in color, use of paper cut outs in illustration.
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Creazione Libro Di Attività (enigmistica, Labirinti Ecc.) Per Bambini In Italiano - Low Content Book
Ciao a tutti, Sto cercando qualcuno che realizzi un libro di attività per bambini in italiano, tema enigmistica per bambini, quindi abbastanza semplice. Le attività saranno di vario tipo, come indovinelli, trova le differenze, sudoku, trova parole e simili, il tutto ben impaginato e decorato. Numero di pagine circa 120 con un numero di attività di almeno 200. Esperienza gradita, anche perchè se non ne avete vi sarà molto difficile crearne uno. Italiano di buon livello richiesto. Tutti i dettagli…
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Children's Book Illustrator For Coloring/activity Book
This job will be a "work for hire" job and I will own all rights to images and entire job. The book would be for 40 pages. 30 coloring pages and 10 activity pages for an affirmations themed coloring book for girls. Best Estimates for the the page count and number of images and activity pages needed required. Final print ready files for interior manuscript and cover required. Final png files of all images, final jpg files of all images,…
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Illustrate My Children’s Book
I am creating a business called mindful mourning which helps parents navigate the scary waters of how to speak about death and dying to their children to help them feel supported to ask questions. My children’s book needs to be illustrated to show the side of death that is expansive, beautiful and sacred so you’d have to be willing to depict a family in mourning, miscarriage, honouring of a body once it’s life energy has left. Some symbolism will be…
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20 Illustrstions For Children's Book
Hi, I'm working on self-publishing my first children's book and need wonderful illustrations to accompany the writing. I need 20 illustrations. The story contains 5 characters and takes place in various setting in the home, outside, and in two différent cities: New Orleans and New York. I would like to have this complete in two months. If you can lay the pages out also, that's an added bonus. Please be professional, experienced, and timely with communication. Please no new artists,…
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