Lost-wax Casting

Build Me Wax Blockchain Nft
am looking for professional wax block chain Hey! I run a blockchain company that runs a game on WAXP (in very early stages of development) and was wondering what it would take for you to produce a marketplace similar to that of AtomicHub?
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Mechanical Engineering Of Cast Aluminum Shroud
We have a design that is currently designed from a semi-functional standpoint using fabrication techniques and need to modify the design for a sand cast solution. We want to eliminate as many parts of the existing SHROUD as possible including the base plate, We will need to design for a small access plate which will be fabricated and screwed down from the inside. Further conversations will be required obviously with the selected freelancer, so please ask questions until you are…
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Blockchain Expert
Looking for someone that have full experience about blockchain. Someone have to show his experience and skill. And we will check your resume and CV. If you can, contact me
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I'm looking to cast a small batch of custom pieces in a metal that is malleable enough to be bent around the septum. The attached file is a sample of the size and complexity of the designs, though they may vary. The production process I am imagining is that the pieces are printed on an SLA or mSLA 3D printer using a wax-like casting resin, then lost wax casted into a metal of our choosing. Finally, I'd like the pieces…
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Monkey Charm
Monkey charm made of sterling silver and welded together in top of screw which I will provide. Please note, the monkey's arm moves when shook. I can provide the original charm so you can cast it. But require the original returned.
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Stainless Steel Casting Parts From Europe, Turkey Or India
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We are selling solenoid valves and ball valves in a wide variety in Germany and the rest of Europe. Up to now, the products are 100% imported from Chinese factories, which shall be changed to own production now. The first products are the ball valves, where we will start with the stainless steel ones. The ball valves consist of 2 housing parts (at 3-way valves it is 3 housing parts), a stem (which is turned from…
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Lost Wax Casting
Looking to have a 3D wax printed model approximately 2" / 55.6 MM in size lost wax casted in Brass. (Solid, NOT hollow). Looking to cast 50 pieces initially with further castings in the future. Casts DO NOT need final finshing, polishing, etc performed.
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Candle Making - 14/09/2023 00:42 Edt
Project Description: Candle Making I am looking for a skilled candle maker to create scented candles using the hand poured technique. I have specific scents in mind for the candles and would like them to be made with high-quality materials. Skills and Experience: - Experience in candle making, specifically hand pouring techniques - Knowledge of different candle waxes and fragrances - Attention to detail to ensure consistent scent and quality - Ability to work with specific scents and create custom…
Full Description of Candle making - 14/09/2023 00:42 EDT
Jewllery Making
I'm looking to create custom jewelry pieces. Specifically, I'm interested in creating rings with a particular design in mind. My preference is for gold as the material to create the design. I'm open to working with a skilled artisan who is able to bring my vision to life. Experience in jewellery making is preferred, and I'm confident that with the right expertise my dream piece will be created. I need high detail
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