Child Counselling

Counselor / Psychologist Needed
Background: I have a college going daughter (single child) finding managing her studies far difficult. Need psychological support in the following basic life coaching areas. 1. Motivation 2. Ownership & Responsibility 3. Building Trusting Relationships/friendships 4. Indian Values 5. Emotional Support etc., Psychology experience Preferred ONLY FEMALE GENDER
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Konseling , Counselling, Teman Bicara
Halo, Saya membuka jasa konseling. Saya bisa menjadi teman bicara Anda untuk membantu menyelesaikan permasalahan yg sedang Anda alami. Saya memiliki pengalaman mengonseling klien pengguna narkoba, kecanduan film porno, kenakalan anak remaja, kesulitan belajar siswa, hubungan asmara dll. Segera hubungi saya, senang sekali bisa membantu Anda. Terimakasih.
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Child Counselling
I need help with foster child councelling help the child encourage them give them confidence, help them in any way you can. Be their friend, support them in their lives.
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Formador Para Grabar Un Curso Sobre Mindfulness Para Niños
¿Eres experto/a en Mindfulness para Niños y quieres generar ingresos recurrentes con tu conocimiento? ¿Te apasiona la formación online? Hola, somos una agencia de marketing digital y creamos productos digitales. Estamos buscando un formador/a para grabar un curso online sobre Mindfulness para Niños. El curso tendrá una duración aproximada de 3 ó 4 horas. El acuerdo de trabajo será de coproducción: - El profesor se encargará de grabar el curso y atender las preguntas de los alumnos, si surgen, y…
Full Description of Formador para grabar un curso sobre Mindfulness para…
Professional Counsellor Required For Counselling Adolescent Boys And Their Moms Online In Family Matters
We have a platform for online adolescent counselling, mainly focusing on problems between adolescent boys and their moms. We are looking for a professional counsellor who can counsel both adolescent boys and their moms in various problems arisen between them. The payment will be hourly basis, as every case is different and can take different amount of time.
Full Description of Professional counsellor required for counselling adolescent boys and…
Online Adolescent Counsellor Required
We are looking for a person who can counsel adolescents online in various situations and provide them right advice. Payment will be made hourly and each case can take different amount of time. All the cases are urgent, so you need to be available for the sessions.
Full Description of Online adolescent counsellor required
Research Project: Find Me Childrens Sexual Assault Educational Videos And Worksheets
I have a children's charity and we need to find some Educational Videos about Sexual Assault and Gender Based Violence so that we can get ideas and create our own, using the ones you find as our researcher as a model for the ones we wish to create. Teh videos you are searching for will educate children ages 5-18 on sexual assualt, rape, keeping thmseleves safe and encourage children to discuss the topic and report rape and sexual violence against…
Full Description of Research project: find me CHILDRENS SEXUAL ASSAULT educational…
Counselor Required For Online Counseling
We are looking for a counselor who can provide online counseling to people who are in problems. You need to have good communication skills.
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Admission Counselor
I need information of 12th standard students and admissions for any college all india when the task is completed payment is surely provided
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Ghostwriter For An Ebook - Adult Women Who Had Abusive Mothers
Looking for a ghost writer to write an ebook about adult women who had abusive or emotionally absent mothers. How these young girls were affected by this childhood trauma / in their adult years and how to find healing as an adult from this trauma.
Full Description of ghostwriter for an ebook - Adult women who…
Brochure For A Childcare
Design a multi page brochure or boiklet that outlines and promotes the efforts in nurturing the development of children
Full Description of Brochure for a childcare
Need A Consultant Who Can Talk To Various People And Give Them Advices In Various Life Situations
We are from an online volunteer organization who run on online donations. We serve people from around the world who need advices in various life situations. So, we are looking for a consultant who can talk to various people and give them advices in various life situations.
Full Description of Need a consultant who can talk to various…
Senco Child Learning Support In Bangkok Thailand
I am looking for an experienced and committed SENCO to provide support and guide my seven-year-old son. The role will be based at our home in Sathon Bangkok starting after 3:00 pm in the afternoon. If convenient weekends are also available if suitable. Would like to establish a working routine of approximately 10-14 hours a week depending on my son’s ability to concentrate. There will be occasional meetings with his school to establish the appropriate curriculum and monitor progress. Long…
Full Description of SENCO Child learning support in Bangkok Thailand
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