Art Installation

Holiday Window
I’m looking for someone to create a unique holiday window for my contemporary boutique in Pasadena, CA.
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Vinyl Graphics Installation - Ongoing
We are in need of a reputed and respectable Vinyl Graphics Installation professional in Cork and Limerick. We have ongoing projects for such projects ranging in scope and duration. Looking to partner on a full time basis if satisfied with work.
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Graffiti Artist Barcelona
Hay, I will travelling to Barcelona in June. I'm looking for a graffiti artist to take part in a music video and produce a piece of art for the project. The track is called 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'. Therefore, I am looking for the attaced image to be done and include the title and name 'Abstrkt-P'. However, this boils down to cost! An alternative and presuming cheaper option would be to only have the title of the track done 'Blood,…
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I Need An Artist Gallery Proposal
NFT galleries are interested in some of my artwork and are requesting a proposal submission. Utilizing a template is fine with me if it looks professional.
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Montgomery County Food Bank Mural And Art Installation At The Woodlands Mall
Montgomery County Food Bank has been asked to partner with The Woodlands Mall. We have been so graciously given a wall in the mall to create a mural as well as a bakery kiosk to create whatever we would like to highlight the food bank. We are looking for an artist to help design a mural as well as implement our vision of the bakery kiosk. The project will likely pick up several press mentions and will allow the artist…
Full Description of Montgomery County Food Bank Mural and Art Installation…
I Need An Artist/ Technician Who Is Around Miami /miami Beach Who Can Do The Installation Of Our Stand At Miami Untitled Fair In Miami Beach
We have 7 art works to hang on the wall of our booth that are all liek textile works The installation is on Saturday 26 Nov afternoon or Sunday 27th Nov morning. Technique of hanging: Each "tapestry" is hung on wooden ( or emtal or other) poles that are dragged in between strong fabric 'bindings' that were sewn on the top of the back of the work. The wooden poles can be round (up to 4 cm diam) or preferably…
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Untitled Miami Beach 2022 - Art Installation/hanging
Hanging of six or seven artworks (look like textile) at Miami Beach art exhibition. Please see details below and pictures attached. A/Works to install: There are 6 or 7 art works (tapestries) to hang. -All by artist Sanaa Gateja. -The material is paper, acrylic paint on bark cloth (an East african textile). The "paper" is actually paper beads that were stitched on the bark cloth. [see examples of works in images attached) - Dimensions of the works: 1 x 214…
Full Description of Untitled Miami Beach 2022 - ART INSTALLATION/HANGING
Freelance Art Handler
The responsibility of an art handler revolves around uncreating, packing, hanging, transporting artwork in galleries, museums, auction houses and other facilities. As an art handler you usually work with curators, exhibit designers to transport, installation and display collections.
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Curtain Rod Installation
I would like to have 2 curtain rods installed. 1 small kitchen window, and living room window
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I Need An Art Consultant For A Commercial Hotel Project
We require an Art Consultant to select/reselect artwork, update location plans for artwork, completing scaled artwork and accessories locations onto elevation drawings. We also require a full Bill of Quantities including procurement schedule, source, lead-time and costs to be developed. 1. Capture and address all client comments received on the SD submission 2. Reselect and respecify as per client comments 3. Update Art Locations Plans as applicable 4. Complete scaled artwork / accessories locations onto elevations 5. BOQ including procurement…
Full Description of I need an art consultant for a commercial…
Freelance Art Installer
I am looking for a professional Freelance Art Installer to help me install photography for a month-long gallery show in Kings Cross. Setup would occur in late August and breakdown in late September. I have specific placement instructions, but would like to collaborate with the Installer to make sure all pieces are correctly put in place and value the perspective of a professional installer so as to ensure the gallery and art are well hung. If you have knowledge and…
Full Description of Freelance Art Installer
I Need A Lighting Designer
I am trying to propose to my partner and need someone to set up lights that spell marry me on twigg and shoreline outside of the omni hotel in corpus christi, tx. It must be big or bright enough to be seen from the top of the hotel . This will be around Sept 16 about 8-10 pm
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