Statistical Modeling

Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Cost effectiveness analysis of using a screening tool vs. not using a screening tool to diagnose liver disease
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Dissertation Consulting/coaching -- 3
Need a dissertation coach with PhD in Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering to assist with chapters 3 and 4. Candidate needs to have some expertise or at least some knowledge in Agile Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), decision analysis/modeling, data analysis, and overall manufacturing plant operations experience. I'm willing to pay a fixed amount or an agreed-upon amount per hour. I am flexible, but offer must be reasonable. I don't have a lot of time. Therefore, I'm looking for someone who is really…
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Develop A Model To Predit Market Growth For Few Products
I have already developed a small model for this and need to add few more factors and develop the model. All data available. Just need to create few more models only
Copula Modelling - Fitting Bivariate Data
I'm looking for a statistician able to work with a various range of copula families to fit the data provided in R. Determine the best copula among a provided list, and create a report.
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Analyzing 2 Bert Models And Sharing The Observations.
The task is to compare and analyze 2 different BERT models and share the observations. (Use scores and other matrices and factors to make the observations that provide insightful results). Prerequisites: Being comfortable with BERTs Here are some links you can use to get an idea of some of the scoring methods. Being familiar with the content in these links is a must, having knowledge apart from it as well would be appreciated.
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I Need A Stats Expert
Hi there, I have a project in Stata to conduct statistical tests (Fisher's exact test) & Cohen's Kappa test for a small sample size using STATA software. (categorical variables only) Statistically interpreting the results and providing graphs.
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Statistical-mathematical Model Using Machine Learning
Hello, I am Luca from Italy, co-founder of an innovative startup operating in the e-commerce of personalized articles. We are looking for an expert in statistical/mathematical predictive models, machine learning and AI, with a proven track record of delivering successful complex projects. The project consists of developing a model that starting from 5 to 10 mainly quantitative known information entered by a user, calculate specific quantitative data of the same user with a very limited margin of error. Project details…
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Modelling, Simulation And Optimization Using Jupyter Python And Vissim Software
The “Future Cities” Project investigates a “Self-Organising Motorway” as a possible approach to reduce congestion on motorways. Your task is to replicate aspects of this research using a simulation model implemented in SimPy v.4. Your task is to investigate for suitable points along the motorway segment • the traffic density k (the number of vehicles per km across all available lanes), and • the mean speed of the vehicles u, and for the overall motorway segment • the traffic volume…
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Build Me 1 Predictive & 1 Descriptive Model In Sas Entreprise Miner
I will need for you to build me 1 predictive & 1 descriptive model in SAS Enterprise Miner. I will provide the dataset to be worked on. Findings will have to be documented and explained over call with me.
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Python Data Science Support
As part of the screening process for a job I am interested in, I need to take a Python and SQL assessment online. I live in Manchester, CT so I am looking for someone in this area to sit with me while I do the assessment to ensure I do well on it. For the last four years, I was a Data Science manager and I would like to return to a role as an individual contributor. I used SAS…
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Grapes Price Prediction
Forecast the Weekly grapes prices (4.5kg and 5kg pack type) in European market few weeks in advance which can be used as an input for procurement planning and in deciding the export quantity.
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Freesurfer V5 -- 2
I have a 49 subjects processed using v5. 0 of freesurfer. Unfortunately, I don't have the DICOM files of those subjects anymore. I only have the .mgz files that resulted from processing the images using freesurfer (v5.0). Nevertheless, I would like to use those subjects in another study so I need to be able to reprocess them using the new version of freesurfer, without incurring any bias.
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Python And Sql Assessment Help
I need general help with Python and MySQL for an assessment. This will not take more than 90 minutes of your time but it must be done by July 28 at 5pm EDT. If you have this time available before then and have very strong skills in Python and MySQL, please contact me.
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