Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Code Simulation For E Coli Metabolism
I need someone to help write a quantum implementation of a report on e coli metabolism Python code implementation code
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Quantun Computing With Python
I have a python script from github,I am unable to run it on my system which is used to brutforce the Bip38 private key to find its password, which I wish to run on an IBM quantum computer environment as it will make the job done faster, but since quantum computer only uses Ipython and Qbits I cannot run it there. After doing some research I found that this script need to be written again in IBM qubits python programming…
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Quantum Espresso
consultations helps for installation of quantum espresso and how build projects
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Need Help In Building A Simple Quantum Circuit/random Number Generator Using Python And Quantum Computing
I need help in building a quantum circuit or a random number generator. I have the references and tutorial but find it difficult in following the tutorial as I have less time to learn all of it. It is making a simple quantum circuit using python. I have signed up for IBM's Q experience but need help in proceeding further.
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Horse Racing Data Base
I am building a horse racing rating system. The system is 70% complete. I now need a Quant Developer who has experience in building horse racing models to finish off and develop the model in the future.
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Develop 1-2 Page Report And 10-12 Slides (topic: Encryption For The Enterprise)
I am looking for some help creating slides and a report (for about an hour long presentation) on the topic of encryption in the organization. I would like to hire an expert in encryption that has adopted tools and strategies in an actual work environment. Sub-topics include: How do you manage encryption keys? What are new tools and strategies that work (don't work?) How do you implement encryption and how do you manage it? How do you incorporate the newest…
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Develop Content For Encryption And Quantum Computing Project
I need help developing CONTENT for a presentation/report I am doing on the topic of encryption, quantum computing, asymmetric, symmetric key, new/novel tools, and strategies that an organization can use. Sub-topics include: 1) How do you manage encryption keys? 2) How do you make everything work across a large organization? 3) What are some new and cutting-edge tools? 4) What are strategies for managing enterprise encryption? 5) How can you use what you already have in-place? The delivery of content/answers…
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