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Looking For Nlp Expert To Make Text Summarization
you give me a Email Text Summarization project that will have mongoDB and Spacy. The data will be in mongodb and we call the data in spacy, make analytics on the data and the results are sent to mongodb again. Here is datasets
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Nlp Expert In R Language
Hello i am looking for NLP expert who can deal with text in R language. check it out details in below file and need to finish in 24 hours
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Nlp Expert In R Language -- 2
Hello i am looking for NLP expert who can deal with text in R language. check it out details in below file and need to finish in 24 hours
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Json To Excel, And From Excel To Json By Python ?
I want to convert JSON to excel have two columns A, B A have key, and B have value for example A|B notification.reminder.body.part1 | Your notification.reminder.body.part2 | needs and so on and have the function to convert back to JSON with the same structure that I give you
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I Need To Design A Model By Using Python That Can Identify 3 Different Arabic Dialects By Training And Testing
my task is: I need to design a system or model by using python that can identify 3 different Arabic dialects (classes) in addition to MSA. by adopting a (1-3) word N-gram and (2-5) character N-gram to extract features to identify these dialects then will use the (MNB) Multinomial Naive Bayes classifier, in addition, also need to use Random Forest algorithm to select the top features later. for sure the model will be training first on these dialects and then…
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Nlp Lemmatization In Malayalam
Collect a few data from news article(malayalam newspaper online), preprocess it. Classify it. Lemmatize it.
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Generating Textual Descriptions From Business Process Models
I am in need of an expert in NLP techniques but also a good researcher to help me with my project. I have to develop a method that will take a Declarative Model ( type of business process models) and generate textual descriptions to make this model more understandable. Declarative models are expressed graphically, using Linear Temporal Logic , or based on some existing templates who express the constraints ( For example ->Template Constraint: Co-existence (A,B) --and for this constraint…
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Such Und Vergleich Algorithmus Für Wordpress Onlineshop Zur Suche In Einkaufslisten Und Abgleich Mit Produkten
Hallo, ich betreibe einen Onlineshop (Wordpress Theme). Ich möchte einen Service optimieren in dem Einkaufslisten von Kunden automatisch analysiert werden und die entsprechenden Produkte in den Warenkorb gepackt werden. Hauptaufgabe ist der Algorithmus zur Suche und Vergleich von Produkten in einem JSON Dokument. Das Ergebnis soll ein php Template für meine Wordpress Seite sein, die folgenden Prozess automatisiert: 1. Kunde macht Foto auf der Website oder lädt eine PDF Datei hoch (- fertig 99%) 2. Foto / Datei wird über…
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Solving Issues In When Deploying Machine Learning Model
Hello when i am deploying machine learning model into heroku with flask facing issues here is some errors and warnings G:\DOWNLOADS\Programs\lib\site-packages\sklearn\utils\ FutureWarning: The sklearn.svm.classes module is deprecated in version 0.22 and will be removed in version 0.24. The corresponding classes / functions should instead be imported from sklearn.svm. Anything that cannot be imported from sklearn.svm is now part of the private API. warnings.warn(message, FutureWarning) G:\DOWNLOADS\Programs\lib\site-packages\sklearn\ UserWarning: Trying to unpickle estimator SVC from version 0.21.3 when using version 0.23.1. This might…
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