Pilot Test Funnel, Webinar And Consultation Project - Provide Video Reference
I am pilot testing my webinar funnel and consultation product. I need someone to sign up for the webinar, watch the webinar and then book and conduct a one on one session with me about your projects/company. At the end I will need a brief written reference and good quality video reference that I can then use on my website. Person should be in Asia, company owner or manager with projects. Sector doesn't matter. This is where you register.
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Kajabi Funnel Builder With An Eye For Good Design
I'm looking for a part-time tech person to implement my strategies, I will need a tech guy that knows how to use Kajabi really well. You must have an eye for design. You must work fast and understand instructions well.
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Quanten Leap Digital
Transformacion Personal en España, buscamos crear clientes de alto valor interesados en transformacion personal y profesional, Nuestros clientes son personas con medio o alto nivel economico que tengan dificultades en sus relaciones, o que requieren mas confianza en si mismos, que saben que hay algo que no esta funcionando en su vida y quieren transformarlo. Ante el Covid la empresa ha tenido un paron y estamos preparando el relanzamiento en septiembre, el proyecto es crear estrategia digital (Web/video/Funnel) para llegar…
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Funnels & Automated Email Script Writing
If you haven't done this, please do not respond. Please do not respond if you have just written articles etc, we need to know you understand funnel activity and automated emails MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE -do NOT apply if you haven't. Will require samples thanks Facebook Ads creative writing • Using Canva or other for facebook creative graphics • Auto Email marketing scripts • Script funnel understanding business
Facebook Ads Contractor
I'm running a SMMA and I need an experienced Facebook ads contractor to manage the backend. Must have experience in the car dealership niche.
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Click Funnel Arabic Landing Page Builder
hi there im searching for someone who speaks Arabic and knows clickfunnel and how to create a landing page if you have experience with click funnel let me know
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Sales Funnel And Sales Flow Expert
SALES FUNNEL AND SALES FLOW, EXPERT, Hello, I Am looking for a sales funnel/flow expert to improve the results in our existing funnel.
Trafficker Experto En Ads (facebook Youtube Google) - Lead Gen
Buscamos especialista en pauta digital. Fee mensual. Trabajo ongoing. Experiencia en medium to high ticket. Ofrecemos cursos de actualización. Equipo súper amigable. Buscamos alguien que trabaje en equipo. Dispuesto. Semanalmente hacemos reuniones de equipo. Envíame tu portafolio! Nota: hay un ejercicio que debe realizar, acerca de segmentación y elección objetivos. Para poder ser contratado
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Build A Web Application
Have a community project I need a web application where Members must register via a referral link , if referral link is used up, they will be placed on the orphan route Registered Members can login successfully Orphan Members will need to be approved by the Admin Registered Members will have a unique ID based on their email addresses after successful registration. The system will generate a referral link, for a registered member, which can only be used twice (by…
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Funnel Creation
Funnel creation for stock investment / Demat account opening . through free recorded webinars . basically we want clients to whom we can guide in investment . firstly we will need that client to open a Demat account with us further we can provide them free services .
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Need An Affiliate Marketer
Retire2Italy is a platform aiming to sell real estate, taxes, and immigration services to individuals wishing to relocate to Italy. We are developing an online course explaining the aforementioned areas of interest
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Venta Instagram Y Web
Hola, busco una persona que cree la campaña de Instagram y con apoyo de la web, para la captación de clientes y venta de un dispositivo de salud de alta gama, pero enfocado a un uso familiar.
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Create Marketing Funnel And Write Regular Marketing Mailings
JOB DESCRIPTION We are the largest stock market information company in The Netherlands and Belgium and we’re looking to introduce one of our brands into the United States. For that we need a fluent American English writing stock market enthusiast that will create email marketing funnels and write regular marketing emails. You are well aware of what triggers the mind of a trader/investor and you know how to translate this into effective marketing campaigns. Ideally you have been working in…
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