Devops Kubernetes Environment
Dockerize and script high availability environment on Kubernetes for SpringBoot Java application and databases.
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Looking For An Angularjs / Angular 12 / Docker Developer
- Longterm project - but HEAVY ANGULAR REQUIREMENTS >> so PLEASSEEEE only get in contact with us if you have a hugeee angular project experience. - No INDIA and PAKISTAN bids please Thx
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Devops Wanted For A Remote Job - It Company -5+ Contract:designing, Implementing And Maintaining Infrastructure Deployments, Ci/cd Pipelines, Provisioning, Automatisations, Tracing, Monitoring And Alerts;
Request details Responsibilities Designing, implementing and maintaining infrastructure deployments, CI/CD pipelines, provisioning, automatisations, tracing, monitoring and alerts; Technical Knowledge Mandatory Strong Unix skills Strong Networking skills Strong Security skills Experience with Cloud based infrastructures Nice to have Kubernetes Docker Ansible Puppet Vagrant Nagios Chef Supervisor Icinga Jenkins/Jenkins X Zookeeper Kafka ELK stack TestRail * Prometheus Lenses Graphana GrayLog LogStash Jfrog Nexus Digital Ocean/GCP/AWS/Azure Why Nevo ? Competitive salaries and a friendly environment; Involvement in all development circle – from ideas…
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Looking For Devops Job Support
• Extensive experience in the design and implementation of fully automated Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment pipelines and Devops processes for Agile projects across the Financial, Broadcast and Media Sectors • Deploying, configuring, managing, chef server and nodes machines using chef and Ansible automation. • Configuring and maintaining chef and Ansible servers, creating modules and pushing them to chef and Ansible clients. • Used Ansible Playbooks to setup Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Deployed micro services, including provisioning AWS environments using…
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Add New Feature To My Existing Core Project
I need new feature for my existing core, please have a look to the attached requirement and let me know your timeline and price for development. Any questions is welcome.
Full Description of Add new feature to my existing core…
Docker Expert
docker expert to make my apps ready to run on the server in a stable and nice way optimization and load balance
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Troubleshoot Kubernetes
Looking for a resource who can build and maintain Kubernetes cluster. Ability to write pipelines. Troubleshoot pipeline issues within the Kubernetes cluster.
Full Description of Troubleshoot Kubernetes
Setup Alternative To Pfsense Installation Using Docker Containers And Kubernetes
Hi. We currently have a prototype installation for On-Premise Networking and Server Architecture containing: 1x Server running Pfsense and providing DHCP, DNS, NTP, VPN, Firewall 3x Server running applications in Docker containers To be able to scale the hardware more flexibly we would like to containerize all services including the services needed from Pfsense to be able to run this installation on any number of servers (1 or more). Are you an expert both for networking appliances and Docker/Kubernetes and…
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Dockerize Tensorflow Project
Create a tensorflow and scripts to dockerize this.
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Azure Devops
Need support for few work items 1.Support required on Cofiguration Management POC on Bamboo/Azure CICD 2. SFDC project work on Azure Devops -cicd pipeline setup for all environments with Devops capabilities - commit the code on Azure Repos 3. SFDC Dockerization of application POC - Docker compose files and Docker images creation and deployment onperm or AKS. commit the code on Bitbucket Devops common shared repo/Azure repos
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Openmediavault 5 Help With Docker / Portainer Reinstall
I have been running OpenMediaVault5 (OMV) on my Raspberry Pi 4 for a number of months with about five active containers and everything was fine. One day I noticed that I could no longer log into Portainer. When I went into OMV extras it showed Docker as not running. Despite a number of different efforts, I was not able to restart Docker (or Portainer). I decided to try to uninstall Portainer and Docker and reinstall them (all via OMV) to…
Full Description of openmediavault 5 Help with Docker / Portainer Reinstall
Devops Po=roject
I am looking for someone who can support my job on daily basis. Python Docker Jenkins Jira Linux Kubernetes etc
Full Description of DevOps Po=roject
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