Systems & Automation Development
We are looking for a friendly professional that has knowledge in GSuite, Gmail, Airtable, Zapier and Smartsheets. We have started the development process of automating our scheduling / closing confirmation process and still have errors in our reports and workflow. We are looking to transfer all the subscriptions from our developer to our own company, transfer the data and processes to our own accounts. We need someone who truly has the knowledge to make our process work and educate our…
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Create A Directory Of All Charities And Ngos In Iraq
Require a directory of all the charities and NGOs working in Iraq. The deliverable will need to be a spreadsheet showing the details of each charity and organisation. The directory is limited to organisations and charities based in Iraq only, but may be extended to those providing support from outside of Iraq. The data required will be agreed prior to commencement.
Full Description of Create a directory of all charities and NGOs…
We're Hiring Freelancers For Some Data Entry Jobs.
Job description is to fill in a spreadsheet with data. Candidates must be willing to work on Long term basis with the Agency and must Comply with all company Terms and Conditions regarding the Project, If you're interested you're welcome to work with us.
Data Entry Job Available For Qualified Freelancers
I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet it's Data Entry and need applicants who are comfortable working alone and are willing to work long term.write me
Hire A Data Entry Clerk
Looking for a Data Entry person to input data onto a spreadsheet. I have included an example. I will also scan you all documents needed. It will go back 3 months. Give me your price. Need this done ASAP.
Full Description of Hire a Data Entry Clerk
Very Simple Web Automation - 2
New freelancers and students also ------------------------------------------------------------- I have very simple web automation project. You will get the pseudo code and tutorials. Steps: 1. Take start counter (say N1) and end counter (N2) 2. Init counter N=N1. 3. Take information item N from source CSV. 4. Upload item N files to the website. 5. Copy result code from the website to the result csv. 6. increment counter N. 7. Repeat above steps one by one till end counter N2 of the…
Full Description of Very simple Web automation - 2
Build A Backtesting Tool For Tradingview Csv File
I want a backtesting tools that combine my Tradingview backtest to show me a global view of the portfolio, Tradingview only test on 1 pair at the time. I want to add many csv file with different pairs to see equity growth, biggest drawdown, avg trade per week, avg trade return% profitable trades, how many trade have been done. Grphicly view the equity curve. there is an example of csv attach. all csv would have the same format. I don't…
Full Description of Build a backtesting tool for Tradingview CSV file
Create An Excel Macro To Copy And Paste Cells To Other Rows
looking to Create an Excel macro to copy and paste cells to other rows. see screen shot video of what I do manually. I'm looking for something that can create a macro to run this automatically.
Full Description of Create an Excel macro to copy and paste…
Removing Duplicate Values From Google Sheets
Hi there I have 4 tabs on a spreadsheet (two separate formulas) I need some scripting or more complex formulas than I am capable of created for. Issue 1. Need to check one column of data for matches with another column on another tab, and if there is a match it will delete both values and move the unique results to a 3rd tab. Issue 2. Need to compare two columns of data and if they are a match remove…
Full Description of Removing duplicate values from Google Sheets
New Detailed Assistant
I need an assistant that will do data entry work, various tasks, and will pay attention to what they are doing. They will not assume one thing to be the answer without asking first. They must speak great English and be available to work from 7 am to 11 am Eastern USA time.
Full Description of New Detailed assistant
Spreadsheet Calculator Upgrade
I had this calculator made and vendor is not available to do the work for upgrade. What I need done is the following: on the first line add a column called advertising, on the top bar. Next I need a column $4.99 Next I need the math calculated as a round #. Meaning 4.99/$5.00 - $9.99/$10.00 - $19.99/$20
Full Description of Spreadsheet calculator upgrade
Amazon Seller Central Reports
I urgently need an agent who can provide sales reports for my Amazon store to clearly show expenses, FBA fees revenue and units sold in an easy organized, clearly defined spreadsheet. I am only interested in working with someone who has EXTENSIVE Amazon Seller Central and FBA knowledge. Thank you 1. Sales Report (what each product is selling for, profit margin vs fees) 2. Monthly breakdown of expenses vs revenue for a two month period
Full Description of Amazon Seller Central Reports
I Want To Scrape Data Using Google Scripts
Hello, I want to scrape links using only google scripts, and if any link added, trigger shall be pushed and the new link shall be scrapped ( using only Google scripts) no python code needed. What is your plan to avoid any ban from the website? There is more than 500 links need to be scrapped, and +15 daily .
Full Description of I want to scrape data using Google Scripts
Build A Ms Excel/google Sheet Macro
Hi, We are looking for an Expert in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet to create a Macro/Template so that our Day to Day Receptive Task can be handled with ease. Requirement - we have 10 Excel Sheets on google drive & a Master Sheet we need to import 4 columns from all of these 10 sheets, sort the data and then paste it to master sheet. After the data has been imported a certain Operations has to be performed on…
Full Description of Build a MS Excel/Google Sheet MACRO
Exquisite Data Entry Spreadsheet Needed
We are seeking tp hire a focused data entry spreadsheet clerk to continuously update our company's databases. The data entry clerk will liaise with and follow up with employees within the company as well as with customers to collect information. The data entry clerk will be required to carry out the following tasks; Gathering invoices, statements, reports, personal details, documents and information from employees, other departments and clients. Scanning through information to identify pertinent information. Correcting errors and organizing the…
Full Description of exquisite Data Entry spreadsheet needed
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