Investment Research

Re-write/modify An Investor Ready Pitch-deck
Metro Esports is a production agency that provides a number of different services and products. Our current pitchdeck is confusing and does not tell a clear and concise story about who we are and what we do? The gaming industry is new and unfamiliar to many and we hope to simplify the explanation of our platform and the multiple revenue streams
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Finance And Investment Questions
Topics include: Portfolio Theories 1. Portfolio Return and Risk 2. Diversification and Efficient Frontier 3. CAPM Model 4. Index Model and Factor Model(s) 5. APT Model and Theory Bond Market 1. Bond Price and Yield 2. Bond Duration 3. Bond Portfolio/Strategy 4. Immunization 5. Forward Rate and Yield Curve 6. Theories of Term Structure Option Market 1. Option payoff and profit 2. Option Strategies, eg.Bull spread 3. Option Pricing 4. BS model 5. Put-call parity 6. Arbitrage Futures Market 1.…
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Fama French 5-factor Model In The Uk
Hi, I would like to work on Fama French 5-factor models in the UK stock market. The factors available are normally for the US, and the ones for the UK are until 2017. I would like to develop a dataset for the recent years. Please contact me if you can do this.
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Product Manager To Launch & Manage New Merchandise Division Fo ...
We are the largest online live female fitness program. We have a huge community of members that are anxiously waiting for branded merchandise! First up is a necklace, then all the other merchandise to follow (water bottles, leggings, resistance bands, etc). We need a product manager that can launch ? and manage our product division. We are open to both short term and long term relationships as we have various plans to launch more products. Looking for someone to start…
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Build A Pitch Deck For A Start Up we are looking to fundraise 1mill. The deck has to include market research, we have done some, but you can do better.
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Import/export Materiais E Mão De Obra
I have experience in negotiations, team management. I have a team of sellers. I'm studying the idea of ​​exporting construction materials and labor from brazil abroad. I am currently a member of felix corporate (we resell labor and materials directly from the manufacturer) in brazil. We have experience in renovations and maintenance of roofs and homes. waterproofing with asphalt and liquid blanket. a team of engineers, architects and builders I'm interested in covering my business whatsapp: +5547988200723
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Write Content About Saving And Investments
Please read the following requirements carefully before bid to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Hi everyone, we need someone who can write content about savings and investments. We will provide a basic instruction outline. The requirements and conditions as below: (1) Native English writer. (2) Have a basic understanding of financial markets, stock investment, and cryptocurrencies. (3) Provide and write for us if you have better ideas on how to lay these contents out, we want to attract…
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Investor Relationsand Promotion
we are an australian public compny with 3 rare earth projects in the USA . we are about to list on the US OTC B MARKET .we need an experienced investor relations person to promote the company and its project in the US to both market professionals , investors and the media
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Stocks Content Writer
We are looking for a native written English writer to write an original financial article (after that we can arrange a price for several articles) about a US, Chinese or European stock i.e. (Alibaba or Tesla). The purpose of the article would be to educate, attract and engage its audience. We will measure the success of the article from the level of engagement it achieved (likes, comments, etc.). The article should be around 2000-4000 words. We can provide most of…
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Calculating The Fama-french 5 Factors + The Momentum Factor In The Uk
Hi, I would like to run regressions on the Fama-French 5-factor model in the UK stock market (London Stock Exchange). To do this, I need the five factors including the Market, Value, Size, Profitability, Investment, and Momentum factor. The output of the project would be CSV file containing these data from 2008 to 2020 in the UK market. The US equivalent of what I need is here, you can also take a look at the way the data is interpreted:…
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Start Investing To Karabakh
Min 1 dollar Karabakh is a landlocked region in the South Caucasus, within the mountainous range of Karabakh, lying between Lower Karabakh and Zangezur, and covering the southeastern range of the Lesser Caucasus mountains. The region is mostly mountainous and forested.
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Investor Is Needed
3 years of research that we will become our succes in europa and others countries. x Our costummer care is everything and focus directly on each client and assign worker. x All hosting types are self managed, they can buy 3 type of support levels. x Our system made to do most of the work automatic, and a nice user interface. x We do not limit traffic transfer, or speed but the network would be made stable. x Most big…
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Modeling Terminal Asset Value
Attached is the equation which shows the initial model of the terminal asset value with the assumption that r is a risk-free rate. Now, I would like to change the assumption and make it with a risky variable. I would need following: 1. Develop an optimal investment strategy of initial capital X into risky assets. 2. Study a method for predicting the payoffs of the strategy. 3. Numerical prediction of methods 4. Compare risk-free vs risky
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