CAD Design

₹ 600.00 — 1,500.00 INR
I need a cad design for my retail space

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Do Data Entry For Me
I need some one to enter some data for me. The documents are provided separately. The final format of the entered data should be consistent and standardised. Please message me if you have any questions.
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Cnc Programmer Busellato
I'm looking for a programmer to program a Busellato Jet 3006 CNC Router - Genesis Software. Please reply ONLY if you are proficient and had knowledge with this machine. Thank you, Al
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3d Models, Animations, Vfx, And 2d Characters
Looking for talented 3D model artists and VFX specialists to work with for the long term. Need 5 or more models a week. If you have any of the following skills, please submit a proposal. Thank you! -Experienced in 3D modelling -Experienced in 3D rigging & animation -Experienced in VFX -Use Unreal Engine -Use Blender -Good with character models -Good with environment designs -Good with both cartoon and anime styles -Quick delivery and fast communication -Hiring 10 or more workers
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Mechanical Design Engineer - Hvac System - Solidworks
We have a base design of a hydroponic container farm, we need an expert to design the HVAC system that will fit into this design. We need you to bring in the most cutting edge solutions and calculations to maintain the energy consumption of our product to a minimum. Budget can be negotiated for the right talent.
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Design/prototyping Group Is Needed To Develop A Neuromodulation Audiovisual Wearable Device
A design/prototyping group is needed to develop a neuromodulation audiovisual wearable device. The device has the form-factor of a sleep mask containing LEDs and earbuds to stimulate the brain with light and sound modulated with brainwave frequencies. The device controls the light and sound in accordance with a waveform (stored in an SD card). Required key capabilities include electronic product prototyping, PCP design, embedded SW, signal processing, audio file, low power devices, 32-bit MCU, mechanical closure, wearables and ergonomic devices,…
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Mechanical Engineer -- 3
Looking for a Mechanical engineer that can help with an air filter. We can use axial fans to suit our needs (low cost, low wattage, low noise, high efficiency at ~75Pa pressure drop). All the centrifugal fans we have seen have a high pressure drop profile beyond our specs. The direction of flow wise, centrifugal fans would have kept design simpler so it was our first choice (contaminated air enters from the front and pure air leaves from the sides…
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I Have Unity Project I Need Some One Can Bake The Lights And Fix The Drop Of Fps Issue
Dear Developer. I have a unity project and I need someone who has a good pc to bake the light and fix the fps. I tried to do the following : 1- I baked the light and I saw the black area 2- I did the LOD for most of the 3D models and it is the same 3- I have a good PC to run the build and the fps is only 30 hardly reaching the 50 and I…
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Kabelplanung Im Bereich Fahrzeugtechnik
- Zeichnen von Kabelbäumen - Kabelverlegung und Anbindung - Konstruktion von Kabelbahnen - Bauraumabsicherung von Bordnetzen - Siemens NX Routing (Wire) - Grundsatzwissen zu technischen Normen und EMV - 2D-Ableitung von den 3D-Modellen für die Formaboards in der Produktion - Stecker und Pin-Belegung, sowie Steckerplatten
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