Memoir Writing

I Need A Ghostwriter For My Memoir
Vivien is a social worker, who stumble on a problem of child sexual abuse. I am a Jewish female and the book follows my personal history and what I found out sitting in the royal commission into institutional child sexual abuse, Case 22 (the Jewish ultra orthodox case). The book is of hope for the future and improvement.
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I Need A Writer
My Dad recently passed away and it is impossible for us as a family to include everything into his eulogy, so we have decided to put together a eulogy style obituary of my Dad’s life in the back of the Order of Service for people to read. We have put together just under 3 A4 sides of typed sentences and have a structure of how we would like it to read but are looking for someone to be able to…
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Study Technical Report Write A Memo Addressed To Me Presenting Analysis Of The Report
Study the technical report I have attached along Write a 500 to 750-word memo addressed to me presenting your analysis of the report. In your memo, refer to the report the first time by its complete title placed inside quotes. Thereafter, simply refer to it generically as the report. Include the following section headings in your memo -Purpose -Report Elements - Illustrations - Event Description -Evidence of Causes - Readability -Accessibility. -conclusion
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Memoir And Self Help Book (not Sure Of Name)
I would like a quote to have a book about my life that flows into a personal development book that helps adhd adult woman. My story will include details of my rollercoaster life leading to my diagnoses and how I now practice as a neuro coach helping others. I want the book to speak to the reader and captivate and inspire. My life has been full of hard lessons. Eating disorders, bullying, addictions, domestic violence, a struggle to make my…
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Need Memoir Writer For Native Vietnamese Speaker
I'd like to understand more of my dad's past and given the language barrier between myself and him, I am not able to do so effectively. He is a veteran and has been a prisoner of war for over 10 years directly after the Vietnam War. The scope of the project will include narrating his story from joining the war to moving to the US in the mid 90s.
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Ghostwriter Wanted
I am writing a Memoir about my sexual awakening at 40 years old. I was married for 17 years and left my husband in early 2021. Between May and September I slept with 14 men. Prior to this I went without sex for 12 years. Every single man I was with was a lesson learned...there was "Mama's Boy", "Mr. Chocolate", "Mr. Mercedes", "Mr. 5 Minutes", "Mr. Asshole", "Mr. No Condom", "Mr. But I Thought You Liked Me", "Mr. Best Western",…
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I Need A Ghostwriter
My life has been a lot of struggle, abusive and toxic family, being bullied at school, living with a mental illness, but I want to write a book about my life in overcoming adversities and succeeding despite it all.
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Format A Memoir
Hi i will share the details with the shortlisted candidates. thanks
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Format A Book
Hi i will share the details with the shortlisted candidates. thanks
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Memoir Of A Father
I’d like to have my father interviewed about his life and have a memoir written. He’s 77 years old
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My Life Story
Single dad, dealing with severe parent alienation for 10 years, spent 10’s of thousands of dollars fighting for relationship with children. While dealing with that I have been going to college, was on welfare living in section 8 housing but recently was able to get my first home with Habitat of Humanity, found a great job with the union, worked on my mental health, started a small business centered around helping people better themselves and reaching their goals. I have…
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