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Solicitamos Investigar Y Redactar Sobre Un Tema Femenino
Somos una escuela de desarrollo personal y buscamos tu ayuda para una investigación profunda sobre un tema en particular. El trabajo es investigar en libros lo que se ha escrito hasta hoy sobre la personalidad de las 7 diosas griegas: Artemisa, Atenea, Hestia, Hera, Deméter, Perséfone y Afrodita. Para ello debes de tener acceso a bibliotecas digitales o físicas para hacer esta investigación apropiadamente y citar a los autores correctamente. No puedes elegir los libros de Shinoda Bolen. Necesitamos que…
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Get A Short Interview From Someone Well Known
I need someone who is a journalist and has at least some connections or maybe someone who has a popular web show or podcast to request an online interview with a particular actor and to conduct this interview with either questions I wrote or questions of your own. Also maybe someone who writes articles for an at least fairly successful magazine or newspaper (maybe done over the phone) would be great for this quest as well.
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Private Investigation - India
Carry out a private investigation on a person in India and find as much information as possible, including residential addresses, marriages, divorces, previous names, details of any property and bank accounts etc.. I will provide all the information that I have to the successful candidate.
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Newnegro Media -- 2
Looking for comedy writers for counter culture magazine, our goal is humor not humiliation. Our target audience are Black, American, Married, Male Cannabis Smokers 40-Over
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Investigate About Legality Of A Company In Bologna-italy
Hi, i want a freelancer legal or lawyer to investigate the legality of a company. as we want to have a contract with them for the first time. the name and legal papers will be released after agreement with the freelancer
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Investment Advisor. Cryptocurrency And Equity
look for an investor to start the business. 1- first option to create a portfolio in shares and cryptocurrency 2-creates a cryptocurrency mining network 3-create a network of several mining machines in Paraguay
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Business To Business Professional Proposal In 1 Day Entailing Some Research And Excellent Verbal And Written Communication Skills
Business to business professional proposal entailing some research and excellent verbal and written communication skills as I will often times send audio recordings as I simply don’t have the time to consistently message however I am not concerned about your personal preference of communication
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Investigative Journalist For Maternal Memoire
I am a private individual looking for someone to investigate the life of my estranged mother. She is a mysterious figure - beautiful and charismatic in her early adulthood and completely untethered in her later years. She was abusive and abused. But what exactly created her...broke her...? What demented her bright potential so severely? Potential interviewees would be primarily located in New York and Georgia. She is deceased but survivors include her two estranged daughters, two ex husbands, her mother,…
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Legal Assistant/advocate/writer/admin Worker (australia Only)
ADVANCED SKILLS NEEDED **Introduction / Overview** I need someone to help produce professional standard documents. I will provide the background information and content, and you will be responsible for preparing the documents. We can work together to decide the format and layout. Other desirable attributes I am look for include initiative, enthusiasm, compassion, trustworthiness, and reliability. The job would suit someone with an interest in any of the following areas: the law and court system, social justice, mental health, child…
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Looking For Journalist, Researcher, Report Writer, And Content Writer For Growing Media Group
Do you consider yourself an expert journalist able to research topics? Are you able to write creatively, in expert English? If yes, then please read on. I am looking for a Content writer, Article writer, or Researcher. Especially someone who can write daily news stories and reports on issues and get your response published online. If you are familiar with BBC and VOA it will be easy for you. If you don't know research writing do not bid. We provide…
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Estudio Beneficios Y Usos Limones, Naranjas Y Pomelos
Soy un agricultor de cítricos y estoy buscando a un profesional con conocimientos para que haga un informe o estudio o investigación sobre los beneficios y los distintos usos que tienen los limones, naranjas y pomelos. Requiero que el informe explique detalladamente los beneficios de toda índole (Ej salud, sanidad, desinfección, etc.) su forma de uso, para qué se usan, como se usan, recetas, productos que los contengan y de que forma, estudios e investigaciones existentes, etc., sobre estas frutas.…
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Document Writer
have 19 page response to a judgment to be condensed into format for qc must communicate with me by phone so on same page excellent literacy skills and comprehension commit to finishing the task professional document required
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